Jimmy Choo Monna Large ToteSuede? Not really a springtime fabric. It’s too plush and matte and touch-y. Most lines stay away from using it in their warm-weather lines, saving it instead for winter when its tactile nature is more welcomed by most people. But Jimmy Choo? Jimmy Choo does not listen to your silly fabric rules. If they want to make a spring bag out of suede, then that’s exactly what they’ll do! As a result, we present the Jimmy Choo Monna Large Tote. And despite the fact that suede and summer seem like an unlikely duo, I think the combo totally works here. There are two reasons why, the color being the first and most obvious. I LOVE THIS COLOR. It’s awesome. It’s so summery and will do that bright-as-neutral trick really well. If you’re feeling totally uninspired in the morning, put on a white skirt and a solid colored top, then add this bag, and suddenly you look great. Add some gladiators, and BAM! Perfect summer outfit. It also works because the suede is an accent, instead of the entire bag. An entirely suede bag is still a no-no for the heat because the material is so…absorbent, for lack of a better word. It shouldn’t be near the body if you might sweat. On the other hand, this bag is mostly leather, and the suede inset provides an interesting textural accent to the rest of the material. Well played, Jimmy Choo, well played. Buy through Nordstrom for $1995.

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  • MizzJ

    Hmm I have mixed feelings about this bag. The color ok, grew on me when I envisioned the outfits you were describing to go with it, but the design is rather underwhelming. Actually, to be brutally honest, it reminds me of a “mom” bag! Sorry!

  • Maura

    Love IT! Like a granny smith apple. It pops at you, I think everyone would comment and I love the design. Structure and fun.

  • Merve

    I like the bag and colour. Totally agree with MizzJ i can see myself carrying it with all the outfits u mentioned but how often can we use a green bag? I mean for 2k its quite expensive if we cant use it often.

  • holly

    I like this bag, the mix of leathers really works well here and the color is awesome!

  • Mama M

    I like it, but I’m a “mom.” The color is great, not too much suede, and look at all those zippers! I love zippered compartments on the outside. So convenient for keys, etc.

  • QueenMAB

    FAB color, but I am just not a fan lof suede. Love the zippers though.

  • jill

    i bought this one in WHITE for the spring summer time…I have to be careful though because i tend to spill things! I saw this one in person and in person the color is a bit more neon – very different though. I love this bag!

  • lka

    I just bought this bag yesterday in camel. LOVE IT!! I am a MOM, and if anything, I thought that it might be a little too young for me–all those zippers–but I couldn’t resist. BTW, the bag comes in a variety of colors, including black, white, royal blue, and skin.

  • Lakishia

    I have the Monna Large Tote. I love this bag and everyone else admires it too. My tote is torquise all around with a suede snake accent in the middle.

  • mytrendygoods

    I am selling this bag on ebay _ the black one – its truly amazing bag!