Things from Jimmy Choo have been a bit “blah” lately. They’ve continued to make a lot of popular styles from previous seasons in new materials and finishes, which should make the brand’s devotees happy, but I always prefer to see something new alongside old favorites.

The Jimmy Choo Rosa Satchel maybe not seem all that striking or innovative to the casual observer, but for Choo, it’s something a bit different. Many of the brand’s bags have been a bit over-designed in recent seasons, and with that in mind, the restraint and editing that went into this design are admirable, not to mention very attractive.

Many brands have been looking to pare down their offerings into sleeker, more subdued shapes that will appeal to today’s recession-addled consumers, and this is the right way to do it. This bag doesn’t lack in glamour or sophistication, but its lines are a bit less aggressive than what we might have seen in 2006, for example. The embossed lizard gives the bag texture on top of the already shiny leather, and the way the light hits the finish of the bag creates a sophisticated shine that you just can’t get by dunking a bag in a vat of sequins or glitter. Well played, Tamara Mellon. Buy through Nordstrom for $1750.

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  • Linda

    It looks nice. I would have to see it IRL to decide but it goes with today’s style handbags and because of the shine I think it can be very versatile. Lastly, the price is NOT happening for me!

  • Marianna

    WOW! I am really falling hard for this one. IMHO it just has everything going for it. I can really see this bag becoming a real staple in my wardrobe. I may have to smash my poor little piggy bank with a hammer and take a run to Nordies!

  • Laura

    OMG, I fell in love. This bag goes to my wishlist.

  • Angeles

    Love the bag! …I’m agree, it’s something new, clean, nice materials and great style, classic always win!
    Kisses darling.

  • meme

    I’m confused, what do you use this bag for? too shiny for most occasions, too big for a fancy one…

  • Greta

    It is ok. But too shiny

  • Musette

    I have seen this bag IRL and it’s not quite as shiny as it looks in the photo – but it’s still got quite a shine on it. I haven’t loved a Choo since the Hilary Doctor (which I have – and love) and that was 6 years ago? This one is a step in the right direction but certainly not at that price point.

  • mochababe73

    Love the material and love the shape.

  • Bagladee

    I have this bag in cognac and it is gorgeous!!! In some lights it takes on the browns and in others, the olive tones. I had this bag out for the first time last week shopping and got more compliments than I have ever received for a bag. I love Jimmy Choo and was happy to see that they were moving back towards the more basic designs.

  • ellie

    This bag looks like an exact copy of the beautiful VBH “Brera” – which debuted in Paris last year and was featured in Vogue and a lot of other magazines all spring – I prefer the VBH original and cant believe how closely this bag copied the real Brera!!!! Google “VBH Brera” if you want to see a really gorgeous bag!!

  • Maggie

    Very nice! Me likey! (ipad)

  • Limey

    love it! (ipad)

  • Jelita78

    embossed lizard on top of shiny leather.. ok.. i have to keep that in mind.. this is something new indeed.. and new in a good way, yes.. it makes a black bag not look like “just another black bag” .. if u get what i mean.. (ipad)