A Close Look at the New Roger Vivier Viv’ Choc Bag

With defining House elements, this bag delights.

While the initial purpose of our handbags is to be useful and carry items, as bag lovers we know there is far more that goes into what we decide to carry, for which occasion, and the feeling each bag we own gives us. We have our everyday totes, our carryalls, our trendy pieces, and if you are like me, you also have elegant bags peppered into your collection. Some of these are special occasion bags and some are when we feel like being a bit more polished in our entire look.

In the 1930s, Roger Vivier started his dream to bring fantasy, fun, and creativity into the world of designer footwear. In 1965, Vivier designed the shoe that solidified his career in the designer space: the Belle Vivier. The oversized chrome-plated buckle became synonymous with the house and to this day, a Roger Vivier piece is immediately recognized as such with this design element.

Roger Vivier Viv’ Choc Bag in Off-White Leather

Decades after Roger Vivier got his start with footwear, the brand expanded to include handbags and over time many Roger Vivier designs have graced the arms of film, tv, celebrities, and fashion lovers alike. There are specific Red Carpet moments that are marked in my memory with a Roger Viver bag as well as one of my favorite scenes with Blair Waldorf on Gossip Girl with an elongated Roger Vivier clutch (in fact a friend of mine just professed her love for this bag and is trying to hunt it down for her wedding).

Roger Vivier Viv’ Choc Bag in Off-White Leather

And now I can share a bag with you that is equal parts sublime, elegant, and effortlessly classic: the Roger Vivier Viv’ Choc Bag. The overall design is easy, seamlessly infusing some of Vivier’s House elements that make something inherently its own. The Viv’ Choc exudes a timeless allure that few bags are able to possess.

Gherardo Felloni, Creative Director for the Maison, imagined this bag being current but classic at the same time. The Viv’ Choc Bag features the iconic Roger Vivier shoe buckle on the center and the more polished curves on the hardware offer a jewelry-like appearance. The lines and design of this bag give off a feminine attitude, one that is refined and captivating.

Roger Vivier Viv’ Choc Bag in Black Leather

To appreciate an item from a House like Roger Vivier, you might need to see it and experience it in person. As with its shoes, the handbags for the brand are exceptionally crafted. The Viv’ Choc Bag is cut by hand and features double accordion folds which allow the bag to expand slightly. The leather is incredibly luxurious and smooth yet thick and durable at the same time.

Roger Vivier Viv’ Choc Bag in Burgundy Leather

You can wear the Viv’ Choc bag as either a clutch or a shoulder bag, with the reinterpretation of the signature buckle as the standout element. The turn-lock closure opens to show a two-compartment interior with a small inside pocket. The exterior of the bag offers a flat pocket with the Roger Vivier logo embossed. The adjustable and removable leather handle with a shoulder pad offers versatile ways of carrying the bag and the dimensions are 11″ x 5.3″ x 2″. It’s available in off-white, burgundy, and black.

The Viv’ Choc isn’t a bag that makes you stop for a minute to stare, and that minute is just long enough to lure you into its simple yet magnificent beauty. This bag doesn’t try hard, because it doesn’t have to. The House elements speak to a fan of the brand and those who may not know the brand alike, in a simplistic and fascinating manner. Pair it with House staple shoes like these pretty pink mules or there are plenty of other options.

Roger Vivier Viv' Choc
via Roger Vivier

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