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  • Aliza Zibkoff

    ARG! Another bag line that looks like all the rest! Its a Mulberry 2.0. Not needed! I don’t think it helps anyone to add another bag line unless its TOTALLY innovative.

  • Edia

    lockits…how innovative.

  • Sara

    Oh Amanda, I was wondering when you were going to do a piece on Mallet & Co. I have been admiring these bags for a while now, specially the Zeus. It’s just a bit too big for me. I hope he will make smaller ones. I’m a sucker for practical luxury leather bags that are inconspicuous. Small Zeus please!

  • really liking the blue bags. The Zeus totes are so pretty

    • kie6euth

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  • Lisa

    These are so much nicer than the Emma Hill line! I’m wondering: Mulberry used to be perfectly priced but IMO there’s been no justification for the huge price jumps in recent years. I’ll always love my Bayswater but wouldn’t be attracted now at a $1500 price tag.

    Has the brand been hurt by its steady price increases?

    • It has! Here’s a piece we did about some of the problems: https://www.purseblog.com/news/whats-gone-wrong-mulberry/

      The brand has since hired a leather goods designer from Celine, although his designs for the brand have yet to debut. I’m interested to see what happens to Mulberry in the next year.

      • Lisa

        Hi Amanda,
        Thanks for the link; I wasn’t surprised to learn that I wasn’t the only one who thought the price strategy was a disaster. You can’t “will” a luxury brand/price tag into being; it’s earned over time. Charging more for the same thing doesn’t fool anyone, especially savvy TPB shoppers!

        The only way I could see this working would be if they created a “bespoke” collection where the buyer could select the combination of (higher end) leathers, lining, hardware etc. they preferred. Then you might get some traction with a luxury customer.

      • Cherly

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  • Love the Hanbury tote for work! The Zeus is a little too Birkinesque for me. I hope the leather is of high quality, this is definitely a brand to watch.

  • lavinia

    I have seen it on net-a-porter (yesterday) and it’s nice (even if not very new -all already seen- but I think prices are a little too high…

  • Smithy

    The Zeus looks big compared to today’s smaller bag standards. I’ll take the Archie.

  • DL

    I have serious doubt about the quality after looking at the details closely on net a porter, especially the white Zeus bag (notice the details around the lock). Not worth 1.6K IMO.

  • Anon

    I bought the Archie bag and was sceptical at first. However, I cannot vouch for the quality enough, it is made from gorgeous leather, the hardware is beautifully designed and minimal. A truely great timeless piece.

  • Kitten Tummies

    Anyone see new bags since the initial launch? Like for Fall/Winter 2016 or Spring 2017? A google search didn’t find anything new.