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Louis Vuitton Releases a Chain Version of Its Toiletry Pouch

Taking a cue from its loyal fans (and capitalizing on it too)

Louis Vuitton’s history lies in the art of travel, and it’s arguable that if it were not for the revolution that took place within the world of travel in the mid-late 1800s, the brand would not be what it is today. Monsieur Louis Vuitton built his business on a foundation of trunkmaking, and Louis Vuitton’s travel pieces are at the core of the brand’s DNA still to this day. It was Mr. Vuitton’s connection to the Parisian Haute Couture world that helped him identify and understand the needs of those going from place to place.

The History of an Icon

One necessity created by Louis Vuitton himself is a revolutionary accessory that remains a beloved and coveted item to this day. If you’re a fan of the brand, it’s likely that you know, or own, this item, but you may not realize that it has historical roots and is more than 120 years old. Crafted from coated canvas, the iconic Louis Vuitton Toiletry Pouch was created in 1901 and has become a true icon for the House.

For decades, Louis Vuitton fans and celebs alike have been carrying the Toiletry Pouch as a clutch, which, truthfully, gives you a lot of bang for your buck. Even Princess Diana was spotted exiting a Yacht in the 90s with one tucked under her arm. The brand itself is well aware of this trend, and recently Louis Vuitton got smart, monetizing this trend by introducing a chain version of the beloved pouch. And, not surprisingly, they’ve seemed to discontinue an old icon in the meantime.

Princess Diana Toiletry Pouch

Fans worldwide have been speculating since spring that the Toiletry Pouch was getting the oust, with some believing it was just rumors and others stating their SA’s had indeed confirmed the rumors. A call to client services earlier this summer yielded mixed results, with a rep stating while there was no stock to be had, the official decision hasn’t been made yet. Unfortunately, if you’re looking to buy one right now, the resale market is your best bet, and it will come at a premium.

Introducing the Toiletry Pouch On Chain

Now, we’ve got a look at what the brand had up its sleeve: the introduction of a Toiletry Pouch on a chain. Which, of course, comes at a much heftier price tag. At the last listing, the Toiletry Pouch retailed for $580, while the new Toiletry Pouch On Chain will set you back $1,760. A description for the bag states that it was, in fact, inspired by the Louis Vuitton clients themselves who used the Pouch as a clutch.

The new piece has been reworked, though, likely in part to justify its high price tag. A removable chain has been added as well as leather trims. Hidden inside is a mini version of the beloved pouch, and both items can be used separately or together. What do you think?

Louis Vuitton Double Toiletry Pouch on Chain


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