If the name Reed Krakoff is familiar to you, there’s a very good reason why: as president of Coach Inc., Krakoff is often credited with turning the company around making it into the handbag behemoth that we know today. Whether you’re a fan of that brand or not, it’s hard not to admit that Krakoff has shown a keen understanding of the types of handbags American women want to buy.

If you perceive Coach as too logo-driven or mass-market for your tastes, though, take a look at Krakoff’s eponymous collection, which has just hit stores for Fall/Winter 2010. It’s been getting a lot of love from even the most high-profile of luxury fashion mags, and there’s a good reason why: the bags are beautiful. Architectural, classic, luxurious and with nary an external logo to be found, these designs are for a different customer entirely – one who wants a subtle, classic bag that falls somewhere in the design continuum between Proenza Schouler and Hermes.

Starting at around $600 for a leather clutch and reaching up to the high four figures for large exotic satchels, this brand has the potential to shake up the handbag world something fierce, just as I’m sure Reed Krakoff intended. Detailed pictures and prices, after the jump.

Reed Krakoff RK Clutch, $590 via Reed Krakoff

Reed Krakoff Boxer I Satchel in Grey Ostrich, $7650 via Reed Krakoff

Reed Krakoff Boxer I Satchel in Claret Haircalf, $1490 via Reed Krakoff

Reed Krakoff 510 Tote II in Teal Leather, $1190 via Reed Krakoff

Reed Krakoff 510 Tote I in Black Python, $2750 via Reed Krakoff

Reed Krakoff Motocross Cadet Hobo II, $990 via Reed Krakoff

Reed Krakoff Frame Satchel, $1390 via Reed Krakoff

Best of all? These bags are just the tip of the iceberg. To see more, visit ReedKrakoff.com!

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  • michelle

    Wow the first bag is like my tuition. My gosh. I would have to quit school just to get that.

  • couture coco

    I LOVE all these bags! How did that happen? Just wonderful.

  • Staci

    These bags are gorgeous! It’s hard to pick my favorite!

  • Lynne

    wow, nice, I love that “Boxer I Satchel in Claret Haircalf”.

  • Tannedsilk

    Love, love, love this line. Boxer II is my fave Alligator and Flannel, just divine! Way out of my price range, but a girl can dream.

    Big fan of Coach also, I’m sure this line is not geared towards the average Coach fan – which is not a bad thing at all.

  • sandeyes

    Loving the 510 totes!

  • Jen

    I was just flipping through the latest Saks catalogue, which predominantly features the Boxer II bag, and was thinking, “Who is Reed Krakoff? I want to see more!” The Alligator Flanner Boxer II has got to be one of the most beautiful bags that I have seen in a long time. I love the juxtoposition – make me want to curl up with an alligator! Has anyone actually handled the bags though? I’m curious about the quality and also the sizing – they seem like they could be fairly large.

  • Beth S.

    That ostrich is quite beautiful! Not sure about the others… would love to see in person so I could feel the quality, etc.

  • Demi

    Love the black python tote! I didn’t know who Krakoff was until now, but I’m sure that with these designs he will be one of purse-lovers’ favourite designers!!!

  • Sher77

    I am debating one of the Krakoff bags or a Celine tote??? What do you think?

    • Lisa

      My thoughts exactly!

    • Honestly, that’s such a tossup. We all know how much I love that Celine tote, so my recommendation would be as follows: if you want something a little trendier and more “now” that can also be used as a classic piece, go with Celine. If you want something that is just an out-and-out classic, regardless of trends, go with Krakoff.

  • Mochababe73

    I love the claret calf hair and the frame bag with the pockets. I didn’t know that Reed Krakoff had branched off into his own “brand”.

  • !!!

    LOVE the claret!

  • Michael St. James

    The Boxer bag (http://www.bagpoor.com/2010/09/reed-krakoff-boxer-bag.html) is definitely my fave, but I’ve never seen it in ostrich…gorgeous, but outrageously overpriced!

  • Linda

    If only I weren’t on a budget now! That Ostrich is calling out to me! I think he’s genius!!!!!

  • A Few Goody Gumdrops

    I’m a fan but of course I love the Reed Krakoff Boxer I Satchel in Grey Ostrich!
    It figures $$$$$$

  • Cathy

    Wow, I love the Boxer I Satchel! But any idea how to open this bag? Will it be cumbersome, I wonder?

    • cynthia

      Just bought the boxer I in teal. It is mainly open with compartments inside. the front pocket which has the “belt” around it just flips right up. So its very easy to use!

  • 19yearslater

    Every one of these bags is gorgeous.

  • elinasofia

    I love the bags, but I am wondering where they are made. USA, Italy or China? From the website the only info I could find was that they use european leather.

    • Jules

      China – it’s pathetic. These “American” designers outsource to the country with sub-par and low end labor who steals ideas. Just as bad as Ralph Lauren making the Olympic uniforms in China. gross.

  • deneen jackson

    I went to visit these beauties while at work. All I can say is “works of art”!!! The grey felt with cognac leather combo..wow!!!

  • Sonya

    Could not have done anything better!!!!! I love the color, style, skin choice, and the overall class of the purse. This is a beauty.

  • babe

    Reading all the comments I wonder wether it is only me to see nothing in these designs. The leather looks good, though.

  • Rosecity


    Love the gray ostrich bag!

  • geogirl

    Just saw the bags at Caesar’s Forum shops in Vegas…truly beautiful. The quality of the material and workmanship is evident.

  • B-Red28

    I think Reed Krakoff has done some truly amazing thing for the company. He has turned Coach into an established American brand that people turn to for luxury and craftsmanship.

  • Trevallon

    Apparently Reed Krakoff bags are made in China. I’m sticking with Furla.


  • Jelita78

    hoorayyyy for Reed Krakoff !!
    i’m happy for these upcoming releases because i know similar fabulous designs shall hit Coach for us common people to buy! yipppeeee!! (ipad)

  • Liway

    I don’t get the appeal. Some of his bags are ugly versions of Hermes. The only one that looks good is the teal tote.

  • andrea

    Well i just want to say to all of u that i juct recieved reed krakoff bag ordering it from net.aporter web site and inside the bag says MADE IN CHINA! can u believe this???

    • Juicy

      Figures! Coach are all made in China too. No way will I buy this bag after finding out they are made in China. If I’m going to spend $1000+ on a bag, I’m going with something Italian like Ferragamo, that are all hand made in Florence!!

      • Joshua

        I feel it’s kind of unfair how people jump to conclusions saying goods made in China are bad quality. It’s the hands and the time put into making goods that counts, not where it is made. Just because something is made in Europe does not deduce that it is high quality; it’s all in the hands of the craftsman who made the goods.