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  • T Tara Bagnista

    I’ve heard from a friend who has purchased from foreign sites that he had to supply a copy of his driver’s license as verification related to use of a credit card. He typically shops at yoox or farfetch; however, I am not sure which site made this request. Are you aware of this type of policy? This practice has prevented me from buying from a foreign site.

    • Stina Sias

      I read that this is a scam I wouldn’t share that info either!

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    • Farfetch asked me to do something similar. 2 days after I placed my order, I received a phone call from a lady asking for a photocopy of my credit card, with only the last 4 digits of my credit card number showing. I did a Google search on the phone number to make sure it indeed was from Farfetch, then emailed them the photocopy. Only issue I had was that the bag they sent me was the wrong size, so I just returned it.

    • A friend of mine had to submit ID for farfetch once, I believe, but I’ve never had to submit it anywhere. (I’ve personally ordered from Yoox and Matches, of the sites listed above.) Because farfetch combines inventory from a lot of different sources and those sources ship independently, there might be an extra step in ordering, depending on the source.

      In my experience, ordering from Yoox and Matches was just like ordering from a US site. (And as far as my experience went, receiving and returning the boots I got from Yoox was so efficient that I was kind of shocked. Just as fast, if not faster, than a domestic site.)

    • I’ve had to do that for Farfetch for them to verify payment. I sent a copy of my passport and the payment pushed through after that.

  • Aly

    You’re giving away all of my handbag shopping secrets. lol :)

    • Sara

      Yes, mine too!

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  • Sparky

    Do they deduct their country’s VAT at checkout?

    • What you see as the price on the American version of the site is what you pay, unless we’ve otherwise noted it up top–no additions or subtractions!

  • My experience with Farfetch was exhausting. I ordered, what the website stated, was a small Antigona, which was going to be shipped from a boutique in Poland. The bag I received was a mini. I emailed their customer service, a representative apologized and said that in order to be sure I am getting the right sized bag, I should check the dimensions listed. So I ordered a small from a different boutique, after making sure the dimensions listed were actually for the small. I received a medium. I emailed the representative again, and she told me I could return the bag or keep it. I figured it was great that I got a medium for the price of a small, so I decided to just keep the bag; but after a year I felt it was way too big and ended up selling it.

    It’s great that Farfetch combines inventory from so many different boutiques around the world, but I think these boutiques enter the names and descriptions of the products themselves, and Farfetch doesn’t bother to double check the info. That can cause a lot of inconvenience.

    • Sara

      What a nightmare! it takes the fun out of getting a new bag :-(

  • TexasST

    Thank you so much for this post, it definitely helps demystify the process!!

    • I’m glad! Even though I’ve ordered from foreign sites before, there was still some stuff I learned in the process of putting it together that even I didn’t know before.

  • Kathyjazz

    I have made purchases from every one of the sites here. I have even had to do returns to nearly all at some point. With Farfetch I had to send a bag back to Greece. No problem–they arranged pickup. Matches did not return the duty charged but has since changed the policy. My Theresa was the most complicated (a stack of paperwork to take to the box and send and figure out). I’m a big fan of yoox; if you opt for store credit (moneyoox), it’s available really fast. My corner is equally efficient. No problem with ssense–I’ve been to their store in Canada–super cool folks. And Net a Porter has always been great–even easier now with a U.S. warehouse. Most accept PayPal; use that option and you don’t need to worry about cc info. These are some of my favorite go to stores. Go!

  • smallgrass

    I ordered from Farfetch, Ssense and Net-a-porter before. Farfetch was the only one with a problem—I ordered a YSL bag and paid for it(they deducted from my credit card), only to have them email me only a few days later to cancel the order. I asked why did it take so long for you to realise a mistake in the inventory? No answer. Then I asked for a full refund of course.

    When I got my credit card bill, there was a difference of $70 due to foreign exchange rates. I was mad coz I paid $70 for nothing! Had to call my credit card company to resolve the issue, stating that Farfetch should pay for this difference since it is their fault. The only thing they did to say sorry was give me a euro10 credit in my account.

    So ladies, make sure you check your credit card statements if you do refunds.

  • Kasia

    You didn’t mention the best place to shop online – net-a-porter!!!! <3

  • Destiny Cook

    I’ve only bought from Farfetch but luckily had a great experience! I bought a Chloe Marcie crossbody in May and it shipped in only 3 days and it was perfect! I’ll definitely have to try these other places too! Great article!

  • Mounandback

    Thank you for this article, it is helpful !

  • Kelley

    I want every single bag above????

  • klynneann

    This is so helpful. I’ve always been too afraid to shop at foreign sites b/c I was always worried about getting hit with crazy duties or fees after the fact. This makes me feel a lot better!