Recently, we’ve realized that we’ve left a large void on PurseBlog. We mostly talk about bags themselves, but not everything that is carried inside. Of course the bag is incredibly important, but carrying all of our daily essentials is the reason why we are out buying bags in the first place – we need something to carry our belongings. Although most women carry the same types of objects on a daily basis, the objects themselves vary widely from woman to woman. That’s precisely the reason why our What’s In Her Bag category is so adored; everyone has a little voyeur in them and loves to see what other people choose for their day-to-day lives. Because of that, we’re launching a brand new kind of post.

The item In My Bag this week that I have been obsessed with is my La Prairie White Caviar Illuminating Hand Cream. The weather has been wacky and recently changed from really cold and windy to mild and sunny. My hands have been dry and I could tell my skin was lacking moisture. I’ve been using this hand cream everyday this week and not only does it leave my hands incredibly soft, but it also has SPF for extra protection.

Your hands show age first, which is why it’s critically important to keep them protected from the sun. I find so many creams overly greasy and oily, which makes me never want to put them on my hands because it makes everything I touch oily. So far, this La Prairie cream has kept me delightfully grease-free.

I’ve been throwing it in my bags because we have been out of the office almost every day this week, and I make sure to apply a small drop morning and night. There are brighteners in the cream that work on any age spots or pigmented areas to help lighten and protect from future discoloration. Most importantly, the smell is fresh and the moisturizer is light. This has been the product of the week for me in my bag. By via Neiman Marcus for $150.

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  • Nicole

    i LOVE your nail polish! what color is that?

  • Tian

    I love the packaging! but not the price.
    if you look for non greasy but efficient hand cream, I recommend the hand cream from the French brand CAUDALIE. It has antioxidant (like wine!) and very easily absorbing, plus smell is so lovely! it does not have SPF protection so I use Netrogena anti-age 25 in the day (whose smell is not good).
    totally agree with you that hand is so important to take care of. weekly hand mask and scrub are also recommended
    I have so many stuff in my bag to carry around and I love this section!

  • Rebecca

    $150 for hand lotion?  OMG!

  • 19yearslater

    Great feature! That’s more than I like to spend on hand cream, too, but all the same it’s interesting to see what other ladies carry in their purses.

  • Dawne Strehl

    Creme de la Mer of course! (:^)

    D at D Magazine

  • pixiegirlie

    I’m hooked on sebamed hand & nail cream. It is super moisturizing without a greasy feeling and its long lasting. My SIL’s hands get really dry in the winter to the point that they crack and bleed, most products sting horribly when she uses them. I made her try it and she was hooked it was gentile enough that it didn’t make her skin burn when she put it on and it makes a very notable difference.

  • Yoshi

    wow…for $150…I expect it to do miracles…  

  • CEC.LV4eva

    I only use La Prairie’s handcreams, it’s been 3-4 years now, and it’s the only brand that does anything for my dry hands. I have not seen this handcream from the White Caviar collection in Canada yet, but I can’t wait to try it! Thanks for posting this Megs! Most people do not realize what wonders La Prairie can make! :D

  • Amywong

    I like the hand cream

  • FashionableLena

    Too rich for my blood.  In my bag, I carry a travel size Tree Hut Shea Botty Butter in Brazilian Nut.  Because I wash dishes by hand, I love it because it’s thick and moisturizing.  And smells amazing-100% shea butter and Brazilian nut oil.

  • Ruch Melissa

    I love a good beauty product, but I would be a little embarrassed to admit to buying a hand cream for $150.