I love to accessorize. Rings and bracelets are my favorite jewelery items and I always have something extra floating around in my bag to throw on when needed. This week I was playing with these new Plukka Attica and Ramses Rings and I just couldn’t get enough.

I am always drawn to stand-out rings that completely catch the eye. Plukka designed the Attica and Ramses rings which are total statement rings. I paired the I and II next to one another, which gives the look of a super tough/luxe knuckle ring.

This ring was a bit controversial in the PurseBlog office (it’s really sharp!), but both the rings are total statements by themselves or paired together. Made from black rhodium sterling silver and the protrusions are paved in brilliant white sapphires. These rings are perfect for the girl who wants a stand out accessory to give the perfect rugged-chic look.

I don’t care if my fellow PurseBloggers aren’t bold enough to try this ring, I love it! Buy the Attica I for $590 and the Attica II for $790. If you want to spend more for gold and diamonds, opt for the Ramses I for $2,750 and Ramses II for $2,950 via Plukka.

P.S. Join Plukka on facebook and play Plukka Loves to have the chance to win prizes for 30 days straight! Head over to their Facebook page to play Plukka Loves and find out how to enter!

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  • Bobmcbob

    This blog is one giant advertisement.

  • Musette


    Obviously you have to Fedex those to your destination when you travel, right? It’s a great combo fashion statement/defense weapon!  Perfect!  Love the mani and the bag, too!

    •  Honestly, I would be reluctant to travel with these. The tips are a bit sharp on the dark silver ones!

  • Pearlsnflats

    Wow I am in love!

  • Love the look – love the bag.

  • A Reader

    I think they look like weapons. I’d honestly be afraid of injuring myself (or someone else) while wearing them. I’m trying to picture shaking hands with someone with that ring on. But if you like them… What I’m really interested in here is your manicure. Could you tell us more about it, please?

  • FashionableLena

    They would go perfect with that Christian Louboutin bag with the spiked shoulder strap.

  • 19yearslater

    I’m barely used to chunky rings, there’s no way I could wear a spike on my finger all day.

  • Lorie

    Good gracious! The first thing I’d do is poke an eye out with one of those. I’m too much of a klutz for jewelry with massive spikes.

  • shallowgal

    I guess I’m just not “bold”. yikes on the spikes.