So this week (and in particular, this weekend) are all about red, right? Well, according to the people that have a vested interest in selling you (or, perhaps more accurately, your significant other) lots and lots of Valentine’s Day swag, anyway. We’ll have more on V-Day throughout the week, but for a moment, I’d like to celebrate something that’s red that has blissfully little to do with anything other than good taste: the Valentino Premier Bow Hobo.

Everyone that reads this blog has probably picked up on the fact that I have a strong personal bias both the color red and almost anything made by the fine folks at Valentino, so of course I can’t help but fall for this bag.

For those that don’t follow fashion closely, red is a Valentino tradition (which is putting it very, very lightly). Under the creative genius of the company’s namesake, the color became a metaphor for the brand’s vision and an omnipresent staple in the brand’s clothes, accessories and especially their evening wear.

So it shouldn’t surprise us that, despite the retirement of the brand’s founder, Valentino is still one of the few designers that manages to do a red handbag and do it right. That’s because the company will accept nothing less than the perfect shade of red for any of its products, and that’s exactly what they managed to get out of this leather.

I’ve already explained my love for this bag’s design back when the shape first came out, so I won’t rehash those feelings, which are very much still intact. I will say, however, that the bag’s deliberative pleating is much more handsomely displayed in Valentino’s traditional red. It doesn’t even need to be Valentine’s day to appreciate that – or should I say Valentino’s Day? Buy through Saks for $1895.

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  • hec

    i love valentino as many of you know and lately have not exactly found that valentino inspires my looks or taste but i this case i have to say i like it it is very valentino chic and states some of the core values of the house the bows the color but in all honesty is going to have to pull out more than one heritage or roote piece to win me back .

  • ShoeQueen1961

    Terribly disappointed in the handbag’s style… But I do LOVE the color–

  • Mochababe73

    I understand about your affection for red. My mother had a fit when she painted my bedroom red when I was a teenager. Red with blue undertones is my favorite just like the tone on this bag. It is beautiful and different. On top of that, the bag is relatively inexpensive for a Valentino.

    I love teaching, but sometimes I wish that it paid enough for me to be able to buy this bag. Oh, the humaniy!

  • mave

    i like Valentino’s clothes more than their bags


    is this lambskin btw?

  • miss lisa

    Amanda, Amanda! Where is your Housewives blog? I miss it!!!

    • While Housewives was on last week, I was laying in a dark, silent room and concentrating very hard on not puking or passing out. Worst bout of strep I’ve ever had, but I’m back and the Housewives will get a recap this week! I felt bad for missing it!

      Fair warning, though, I get my tonsils out next week and will miss that one too…but after that, hopefully I’ll stop getting sick :-)

      • miss lisa

        I’m so sorry – hope it all goes well and you feel better soon :-)
        I so love your housewives blog – none of my (way more sensible) friends will watch it, so I live vicariously through your blogs!

  • carrie

    Love it…

  • greenpixie

    I love this. Utterly love it…

  • Terri

    Love this!! I just want to hug it, it’s calling my name(do you hear it?)!!!!


    What is up with all the bows and flowers on Valentino’s line it is to much.

  • Rachel

    I HEART this bag with a big goofy smile. No one does bows like Valentino :)

  • birkel

    maggie are you kidding i mean repectfully its valentino its all about bows and flowers this is like the last string holding back to true valentino good valentino but anyway just stating the obvious

  • mandy

    I too love red bags and have not yet found the perfect one for me. I am not normally a huge fan of Valentino’s bags, but I love this one!

  • bowers

    Hayden-Harnett carries a nice red–the bow on the above is lame.

  • Elyse

    swoooonnnn (fb)

  • Adrienne zedella

    Wow! fb