Stella McCartney HandbagFor the end of the week, you guys will all be stuck with me. Horrible, I know. Mrs PurseBlog Herself Megs is taking a beauty break from the blog, the poor thing’s spent and needs some time off. Nothing easier than that! I’ll be more than happy to grant her that wish. I love her, afterall. And in the meanwhile, I will entertain you the best way I can. To start things off on a funky side, I’ve hunted down this colorful and fun spring number from Stella McCartney. This suede hobo measures 15.2 Inches by 5.1 Inches by 10.1 Inches, and comes in a wild color mixture of baby boy blue, purple, red and yellow. I think Stella did a pretty good job, the bag does not seem too overdone with the colors and the combination does please my eyes without giving me seizures. The hobo has got a zip closure, external and internal pocket space and comes with a contrasting strap, which measures 16-some inches in length. Granted, it’s not everyone’s taste, but I like it. And for just under $250, this hobo may just find a few more fans among our readers. Via Yoox!

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  • mel

    well hello again friends this purse is casual w/ a funk i like it different coloring maybe a lil bit darker like a black or blue or purple and might consder this unique bag.

  • Christie

    First thing that comes to mind is… SUMMER! The bold colors would look great on a warm sunny day. I’m not sure if I like the zippers, as those pockets doen’t seem very useful, but I am always game for a cute hobo bag. Thanks for the summer tease Vlad!

  • chloehandbags

    I think I like it…the only reason I hesitate, is that it’s such a change from all the beautiful, practical, but perhaps slightly safe neutrals that are around at the moment. Because of this, I think that visually, it had the same effect on me as someone jumping out from a behind a tree and shouting ‘BOO!!!’.

    I think I’d prefer it if it had colours which were in a slightly more organised order (like a rainbow, or a sunset; but it’s brave and because Stella doesn’t make her bags from real leather (let alone fur, or other skins which aren’t the by-products of the meat industry), it’s also completely guilt free! Hurrah!!!

  • chloehandbags

    Just gone to Yoox and it says that this bag is made from ‘ecological leather’; does anyone know what that is? Is it faux/fake suede fabric, or leather that is produced in some completely uncruel way?

  • maura


    • Reverend.Joanna

      Sorry to burst your bubble, but Ms. McCartney does use animal products. Ecological leather is still leather all the same.

  • k

    but she uses silk and wool, which just confuses me.

    • Joe

      Silk is made from boiling silkworms alive. bad news for the silk worms is good news for stella McCartney’s bank account.

  • Alex

    Actually, Stella McCartney DOES use animal by-products. Besides silk and wool, she uses ecological leather, which is what this particular bag is made of. Ecological leather is still leather all the same, but it comes from animals that have already been slaughtered for people to eat, so it’s more ecological, more resourceful than most leather. Of course, it’s still an animal product…

    • RK

      I have always liked Stella McCartney…However….That just does not make any sense what so ever…She is contridicting what she stands for. She is supporting the people who kill these animals in the first place. I’m sure they don’t just hand her the leftover animal skins for free so that she, in turn can make a huge profit.

  • H Smith

    McCartney’s spokesman Stephane Jaspar says, “Stella McCartney is a lifelong vegetarian and committed advocate of animal rights and doesn’t use any leather or fur in any of her collections.”

    • Joe

      she is against leather, but makes a leather purse and boils silk worms alive all the time to make silk bras. sounds like a hypocrite to me.

  • Joe

    Don’t believe me? look here.

  • WTF

    Stella was mad like hell when a fur-maker nrand used one of her (silk!! lol) bra to advertise their furcoat, and she has no problems making items made of leather…
    I don’t get it. Really i don’t. And i know no such thing as “ecological leather”, because leather IS a big part of the animal value, added to the meat value.
    What a fucking hypocrite. I have absolutely no respect for her anymore.
    It’s amazing. Go hide Stella. Stupidity might kill.

  • Tigger

    “Ecological leather” refers to the methods using in the tanning process.

    Regular leather uses heavy metal dyes, and if it’s tanned in third world countries, the waste is often dumped into the local water supply.

    Ecological leather is tanned using vegetable oils instead, it takes longer, but is chemically more responsible.

  • Naggy

    I don’t believe in putting the rainbow on a bag to compensate for the lack of style. (ipad)