Nuti Ostrich Hobo HandbagAny of you ever see the movie The Big Green? I can’t remember when it came out- or how old I was when it did- but I remember loving it! There was just something about the name of their team, and of course the Disney ending, and whoo-hoo they played some soccer! Green has always been one of my fav colors (comes and goes at my top fav with different times in my life) and I just realized I have never owned a green bag. What better way to start than with a green ostrich bag? The Nuti Ostrich Hobo is quite rich in color and material. If any of you have not gotten to feel ostrich, I suggest you put that on your ‘To Do’ list. The hobo bag has a single handle- with what seems to be a super cool and modern looking base of the handle- almost looks like coiled wire (but it’s probably not- ha) There is a hidden magnetic closure, suede lining, and three open and one zipper inside pockets. Adding a little zing still is gonna cost you $2200 via Saks, but sometimes fashion doesn’t come cheap (mainly, most of the time ;-) ).


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