I think I’ve mentioned this before, but I really have my sister, Megs, to thank for my increased awareness when it comes to all things handbag. As her love for handbags and accessories grew, I began to learn more and if nothing else, pay way more attention to trends. At the same time, I consider myself to be fairly earthy crunchy/animal friendly so originally I couldn’t justify an exotic handbag. But over time, my appreciation grew and now, I think an exotic here and there isn’t such a bad thing. That brings me to the Nuti Meduim Ostrich Hobo Bag.

I must admit, I do love Ostrich. To me, the material is flawless; it is soft to the touch and on the eye. Moreover, it is the kind of material that doesn’t need any loud accessories or hardware to accompany it. I love the shape of this hobo. And as we’ve already discussed, top-handled bags are definitely very popular right now, so the top-handled style here just makes me like the bag even more. Stud accents along the bottom will help spare the material a bit when setting the bag down. A nice contrast to the exterior color is the bright suede lining. I am a fan of this kind of contrast, but am still not really sure how I feel about the “green” color of the bag. If you are like me and would prefer the bag in a different color, it comes in brown as well. Add this exotic hobo to your collection through Saks for a pricey but to be expected $3,980.00.

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  • I usually don’t like ostrich, but this color is very cool.
    Beautiful bag. Insanely expensive, though….

  • AJC

    I’m really drawn to ostrich and this color & shade of green is TDF! Very fall is this green. I would prefer to see it in a different shape, however – and on SALE, hahaha ;-)

  • Ellez

    Love the shape! The color however is just not for me and green is my favorite color.

  • Kaytey

    My hate of ostrich skin should be famous… I hate, hate, hate it. it looks like plucked chicken. Gross. And the colour…? To me, it’s “baby poop” green (sometimes called “pea green,” but if you’ve ever been around a one year old with diarrhea, you’ll know that’s not really the best word for it). I love green, but that one is “meh.”
    I also don’t like the shape. I don’t like “pseudo-circle” bags. They seem odd, and this one hasn’t changed my mind.

    All in all… Not loving the bag. In no way is this worth the price tag, especially considering this is a no-name designer and ostriches are farmed all around the world… $500 – $1000 is more reasonable. There is no justification for the price of ostrich leather! It’s so ridiculous. My uncle’s ex boyfriend raised emus and ostriches… He made a *killing*. Made cow / pig / chicken farmers look like smucks. Small flocks, very little required care, gobs of cash… Sounds good.

  • coco13

    Really like this, ostrich is an excellent choice and would love this in my wardrobe.

  • pursecrzy

    Love the shape and skin but loathe the colour.

  • Kaytey – I agree with you about the color 100%. I was actually going to write something like that, but opted to see if someone else would.

    I do still love everything else about it!

  • Merve

    I like the colour and the shape. I just dont like the price.

  • I’m really getting on board the the chartreuse color, saw it pop up in a few different collections at fashion week (donna karan comes to mind). i don’t love the bag, but i wouldn’t mind owning something in a similar shade.

  • shorty

    FAB !!

  • Ugh I really am not loving this purse. The shape yes, although it’s a bit too structured for me considering it’s a hobo. The colour and the material though are totally, well icky to put it not so eloquently. Kaytey took the words right out of my mouth when she said ostrich looks like plucked chicken. However, I give Shannon the benefit of the doubt – maybe it looks different in person?