Mulberry Creased Patent Mitzi HoboAt first glance, I was on board with the Mulberry Creased Patent Mitzy Hobo. I like big leather hobos, and I like Mulberry, so I didn’t give the whole thing much of a second thought. But upon further consideration…I can’t get behind this. Patent leather hobos are extremely hard to structure correctly – it’s a shape that is supposed to slouch, by definition, and patent is a material that is much more conducive to creating structure than slouch. So, strike one. Because of the apparent lack of slouch, the handle isn’t long enough. I don’t think it would be comfortable to carry on my shoulder – I’m not a fan of having leather poke me in the arm pit. Strike Two. Then, the color. Oh, the color. Mulberry calls it “Lipstick,” but I certainly don’t have any lipstick in this shade, and I don’t think I would want a bag this color, either. it’s kind of salmon-y and a little too pastel for my taste, which is the same problem I had with the last Mulberry bag I reviewed. Pastels are hard to pull off and tend to make people look either washed-out or sallow, and I think this particular color might have both effects on my skin. So, strike three, it’s out. Buy through Shop Bop for $695.

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  • Graciella

    I agree about the patent and the colour, but this bag in a different colour (try oak) and leather (soft and pebbled) is absolutely stunning. I saw it at Mulberry last saturday and if I hadn’t just decided on my first H bag I would have bought it.

  • I saw it on the ShopBop website in soft oak leather, and it’s indeed a beautiful bag in the different color & texture. It had a MUCH better slouch!

  • QueenMAB

    Slouchy patent is possible. So I would have to see it in person. And I have friends that this color would be gorgeous on, but most (well, me) it would make them just look ruddy and blotchy.

    And I agree totally with the purse in the armpit issue. I have the same problem with the RM Nikki. What’s a matter with a little more strap? Does no one wear sweaters or coats anymore?

  • I got an email from our rep at Mulberry and she said the picture above is not what the bag looks like at all. If you look on the Mulberry website it looks soooo much better!!!!! A much better slouch

  • susan

    I think it looks a lot like the YSL Mombasa. And, I’d rather have the YSL bag.

  • I’m going to do an update on this bag tomorrow, the info from the Mulberry rep was very helpful!

  • Merve

    I really like this bag. The colour, shape and price. Im surprised no one else is on board with me.

  • holly

    I actually love the color, I dislike the patent leather though.

  • ihey

    I like this bag as well. all designer’s bags should be priced just like this, a fair price.

  • Chloe

    I just bought this bag in black – absolutely gorgeous, Merve, im completely onboard with you – im thrilled!

  • bunny

    it’s a really yucky color, i hate salmon on anything. it does make u look washed out, like paris hilton’s lipstick.

  • donna

    i actually have this bag in the blueberry messenger version and it is lovely and soft and slouchy which i wasnt expecting,i do agree the lipstick colour is rather horrible but each to there own…..