Jimmy Choo Nubuck Hobo with CrystalsFor whatever reason I always thought that buying the more expensive product meant it was better. An example is when I would go to the hardware store for a specific ‘thing’. As much as I’d love to be the trendy girl that could make sense of the hardware store, I can’t. Ask Vlad, he could go on for days about it. So when I would go into the store, if there is more than one option I always go for the more expensive one. In my head, I figure that the more expensive product must be better. Later on I find out that is not always true. And everyday I realize it is also not always true with fashion. Thanks to Luxist for pointing out that a price tag of $2100 does not mean the bag looks better than a bag for $1000. Thanks to Luxist, we have found our fug bag for the week. The Jimmy Choo Nubuck Hobo with Crystals is overwhelmingly adorned with Swarovski crystals which are on top of smooth nubuck leather. The bag is perfectly explained by Luxist, saying that the bag “takes a couple of different trends; the hobo shape, all-over ornamentation, and dangling zippers and combines them to eye-paining effect.” Exactly my thoughts! Nevertheless the bag measures 7″H X 10″L X 3″W and is available for those of us who love some bling bling via Saks for $2100.

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  • chloehandbags

    I love this bag! I love the contrast of the sandy coloured suede and the Swarovski crystals.

    I also love the bag’s shape; hobos have always been my favourite.

    Obviously, it’s hideously impractical and way to expensive, but it is gorgeous!

    Pity I’m too poor to buy one at the moment!

  • Naggy

    I merely like the strap. (ipad)