Well I didn’t mean it this way, but apparently today is Texture Day at PurseBlog. Earlier this morning, we talked about the gorgeous quilting of the Bottega Veneta Quilted Briefcase, and now we’ve got the interesting destruction that has been visited upon the Givenchy Eclipse Cut Hobo.

So what exactly did they do to it? Exactly what it sounds like, actually. But you’ll have to make the jump to see the close-up.

Givenchy Eclipse Cut HoboGivenchy Eclipse Cut Hobo 2

Well, Givenchy cut the leather! More precisely, they put in dozens upon dozens of intersecting laser-precise scores in the top layer of the leather, exposing in small parts the light coloring underneath. It’s a very cool effect, but it leaves me with a few questions.

My first concern is about durability. The distressing appears to cause the leather to pull away where the surface has been cut, and I’ve got to think that that effect is going to become exacerbated over time. Anything like that is going to cause a bag to wear more quickly than its non-distressed counterparts, and when most people consider the purchase of a bag this expensive, durability is a concern.

It may be that Givenchy has done something to address that potential problem, as any high-end brand should, but that’s impossible for me to verify at the moment. If I was functioning under the assumption that they did, I would say that this is a very cool bag indeed. The cutting is so precise and the distressing so perfectly controlled that I’m glad they got creative here and tried something new. I just hope it works out in the long run for whoever buys the bag. Buy through Barneys for $1675.

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  • otter

    I would like this if it were not “distressed.” I like to wear in my own bags.

  • Jane

    I truly enjoy the effect of the laser cuts, but I to have concern with its longevity. I am naive when it comes to cut leather and its ability to weather. Would it fall apart? Maybe someone who works with leather can answer are question.

  • Mousse

    Wonder how this is wearing for those who bought it. (ipad)

  • Newme

    Love it. (ipad)