The Diane von Furstenberg Stephanie Hobo is easily one of the most sought-after bags of the season, but there’s one thing lacking about it – good pictures on the manufacturer’s website! Because the designer’s handbag line is new and isn’t sold in many online stores, it’s been difficult to get a handle on what exactly the Stephanie looks like. Megs’ pictures have helped, but what about this elusive magenta color that DVF claims to make?

Diane von Furstenberg Stephanie in Magenta

Well wonder no more! ShopBop has the medium Stephanie available in magenta, and while the site isn’t known for fantastic pictures, it’s much easier to get an idea of the color variation from the bag’s listing on their site. Oh, and what a color variation it is! It appears to include royal blue, purple, and the aforementioned magenta in the innovative leather links, and I absolutely love it. I prefer brights as neutral (as opposed to neutrals as neutrals, as with the gold Stephanie), so this is the version that I’d want hanging from my arm. Buy through ShopBop for $875.

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  • shushopn

    I like the colors but it’s not on shopbop anymore.

  • renee

    It looks like a mexican fiesta basket at a tourist market.


    The color is not new. It was offered at the same time as the gold and has always been on the DVF website. It has just not been popular and I can see why.

  • Loquita

    Thanks for the pics! For once, I actually prefer the neutral version of this bag to a colored one…(shocker, esp. since I consider red my go-to color). I think this bag is also prettier in the larger size.

  • Amanda

    This one looks way better than the one spotted on Khloe Kardashian.

  • The magenta is only available in the medium size along with the gold, while the large size (which is the size spotted on the celebs carrying it) is only offered in gold.

  • Merve

    This was available from the start when i bought my gold one but it has to be said this colour just doesnt work as well.

  • Leslie

    Is it just me or does anyone else dislike this bag. I don’t know if I am a purest, but I don’t think I would carry this bag if it was free. I know that sounds harsh, but this bag makes me crazy!!! ha! ha!

  • mette

    Young and hip and to be carried in the right place. Not bad.

  • Karen Allen

    This looks quiet ugly, and i think it is not on shopbop no more. It doesn’t have anything new nor special. It looks like a current purse. I think every woman look for an item which let her to be seen. As for me it misses lot of things for getting my stile.

  • Otter

    I just don’t get it. Blah.

  • Kendra

    I like the color patter on this one. (fb)

  • Adrienne Zedella

    Very nice! Purseblog Rocks! (fb)