Derek Lam Romina BagI’m kind of undecided here, PurseBloggers. So here are my thoughts, I need you to help me make a decision. The Derek Lam Romina Bag has some definite strong points. The leather is nice and smooth. It has a cool chain strap (I love chain straps) that most bags of this shape don’t have, and it also has a piece of leather attached to the chain to make it more comfortable to carry. I generally enjoy grey as a color for bags, because I think that grey goes with more other colors than either black or brown. The lining is pretty. Something about this bag, though, is making think “eh. pass.” I’m not sure exactly what it is…could it be the seaming?

The bag might be a little TOO pieced together for my taste, and I’m finding the lack of symmetry in the seaming a bit disconcerting. Is that a pocket over there on that one side? I’m not sure. It looks like one, but who knows. One side of the front is also pleated, while the other is not, and the overall effect is just not doing anything for me. I won’t go so far as to say that it’s an affront to my sense of balance…but it sort of is. And the leather, despite being smooth, doesn’t look like it would be particularly soft. Strike two. Does anyone have a strike three? Buy through ShopBop for $1690.

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  • mette

    The bag is out of proportions. The chain handle is too light for the heavy bottom. And I agree that the leather looks rough. Finally, the price asked is just too much for this one. IMO.

  • Free

    It looks like someone decided to place luxury concepts on a very mediocre design. I would buy this bag for my great grandmother for 24.99.

  • Queenmab

    It’s just a MEH, and for the price it needs some kind of ZING. the chain strap just doesn’t bring it. And it looks like it’s imploding in the middle.

  • Julie

    Nothing special and WAY too pricey.

  • Janice

    It looks really plain to be so expensive.

  • Jean

    Colour is great -nice size and shape. I’m not to keen on chain handles personally and I agree with Amanda, symmetry is a requisite. IMO, strike three would be the tassel which appears to be part of the drawstring closure? If the leather is even slightly stiff, it would be a pain to close it!

  • hazel

    Yeah, I’m a bit meh on the bag as well, I like asymmetry sometimes, but this one just doesn’t work

  • luvhautecouture

    In the picture, the asymmetry does not bother me… but in person it might. I am bothered with how thin the chain is in comparison to the rest of the bag! I like the gray color though, very versatile

  • Carolyn

    For that price point, it definatly needs a little pop. seems like an everyday bag

  • Nicole

    maybe it looks nicer IRL

  • Merve

    It looks like a plain boring bag.

  • Diana

    oddly this bag reminds me of the much controversial anya hindmarch elrod bag.

  • Cate

    It looks like they tried to be all edgy with going asymmetric, but it just turned out messy.

  • Shannon

    i love the bag personally…. :)

  • gadgetgirlnz

    You know what it looks like to me? A pair of pants! You’ve got the waistband up the top there with a tasseled tie, and then the pleats at the top of the leg…yep, this is not a bag, its a boring pair of grey business pants.

  • Jennifer

    I like this one. It has space and it is leather. Everything I like in a bag.

  • Olivia

    The texture, design and color are so elegant, not too much but elegant. I love this one.

  • Ji

    Its okay, too pricey thooooo