Bottega Veneta Ebano Paillette Hobo

Leave it to Bottega Veneta to do something so intricate and yet still keep their aesthetic so classic and streamlined. They’re playing the sequins trend perfectly with the Bottega Veneta Ebano Paillette Hobo.

And the reason that they’re doing such a good job is that this bag really isn’t covered in sequins at all. Well, technically, I guess they’re sequins. But they’re not the cheapy aluminum foil type – they’re made out of Bottega’s signature butter-soft leather. Isn’t that clever?

The motif is executed perfectly, which is the only reason that it works. It could have easily looked clunky and silly, but the sequins are so small and cut so thin that they look exactly like real thing, except a thousand times as luxurious and restrained. From a distance it’s a chic textured bag, and up close it’s a triumph of well-edited design. Buy through Net-a-Porter for $4200.

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  • aidan

    i was in the boutique last weekend and i saw this one. i asked the guy about it and he said that all these are individually sewn on! if you ask me thats really a WORK OF ART an not a bag :]

  • Claire

    That may be the most beautiful bag I’ve ever seen.

  • Pandor@

    I never wear/buy anything with paillettes!

    Can’t stand the thought, that if just paillette in some row gets off, then any,even $30k bag or dress be destroyed, it will look like crap (untidy, cheap and broken). That’s not pretty at all. :(

  • otter

    I agree with Pandor.

  • Michael St. James

    I don’t like it either! I think sequins look cheap, even if they’re bv or valentino, and pandor certainly has a point. If just one falls off, you might as well throw the bag in the garbage.

  • Pandor@

    ThanQ! :)

    P.S. That’s Pandora, not “Pandor”. ;)

  • spanish moss

    i, too, have seen this bag when in chicago last month. it is unbelievably exquisite in person. and looked so lovely on me (big sigh).

  • Beth

    Another stunning piece of handbag art from BV!

  • Jane

    I LOVE this bag it is truly beautiful. I think BV would have thought that out if one fell off that it would destroy the bags entire look, but I would assume that you could call BV and they would let you send it back and they would fix it. Or at least I would hope. When you spend 4 grand on a bag I don’t believe a company would want to piss off its customers especially in this economy.

  • The Girl in Grey
  • Merve

    This bag is so calling my name. I cant believe how amazing it is. I want I want.

  • pursemama

    While I agree with Pandora, Jane is correct on the info on Bottega Veneta. They really take pride in their workmanship and quality (speaking from experience) they would repair/replace the paillette.

  • tadpolenyc

    the color is beautiful and the details are exquisite, but i find the shape very odd. it looks like a fortune cookie with handles. i don’t love it.

  • sndc99

    I love this of course but would I buy it? now I wouldn’t spend the money but I do love it.

  • Claire

    Looks like this is a love it or hate it!

  • avant-garde

    Sequins are the ‘in thing’ for fall bags. Louis Vuitton … Bottega Veneta ..
    Stunning .. but not too practical and definitely not for everyday use! Those sequins wouldn’t last long if I carried that bag. And .. think of the stocking you would go through! One pass of the purse anywhere near the stockings … you’re talking about snags and runs everywhere! They are beautiful though .. a bit $$$

  • Kendra

    It’s way to expensive. It’s just terrible looking. (fb)