Spotted: The Backpocket Is the Latest Bag Accessory From Hermès

An attractive and functional accessory for Birkin lovers

I like to think that I keep myself fairly well-updated on upcoming releases from Hermès, but this time I was caught completely by surprise. Scrolling through Instagram a few weeks ago, a friend posted her latest acquisition, and I practically squealed when I saw it:

The Pochette Backpocket in etoupe togo sits flat and neat across the back of a 25cm Birkin, also in EtoupeBirkin togo. Photo courtesy of Instagrammer @sclim2320
The Pochette Backpocket in etoupe togo sits flat and neat across the back of a 25cm Birkin, also in Etoupe Birkin togo. Photo courtesy of Instagrammer @sclim2320

This new bag accessory – the “Pochette Backpocket” – drops down around the handles of a Birkin and sits flat against the back of the bag, adding a functional pocket. It’s similar in theory to the “Birkin Pochette”, a piece Hermès showed in its recent Autumn/Winter 2021 runway show, which, while also bearing openings to be placed around the Birkin handles, looks like it is instead meant to sit inside the bag (not the outside, like the Backpocket) and face the front (rather than the back). The Birkin Pochette also contains items with a flap; the Backpocket utilizes a zipper.

I love things that are both attractive and functional, and quite honestly between the two accessories, based on this first look I would prefer the Backpocket: it’s got a slim profile, which does not appear to add much bulk or weight; it sits outside the bag (therefore not affecting the look of the bag or what you can carry in it); and has the more secure zipper rather than a flap.

I am told that the Backpocket will be available in various sizes to match the Birkin’s many sizes, but of course the trick will be finding the right color combo to match your bag. However, I can see this being used on other bags with straps or handles that fit the opening, or even just slipped inside another bag. 

As of this writing I do not have exact prices for the various sizes, but the 25cm size cost the approximate equivalent of $1,170USD, so it’s not inexpensive.


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