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  • Antonia

    I like her tall off white boots-lol!

  • Smithy

    I’m guessing these bags belong to her mother Yolanda who is too busy fighting Lyme disease to carry around her own collection. Why carry a Birkin when you need to constantly be in a robe taking sad face bed-ridden selfies.

    I think Gigi is gorgeous. She seems like a lovely girl.

    • Mya Wilkes

      I agree, shes gorgeous!

  • Sophie Proust

    Small thing – there’s a typo in the headline.

    • Fixed! I had to read it like half a dozen times before I saw it. My eyes kept inserting the L for me.

      • Sophie Proust


      • Cherly

        I buy my Hermes handbags from online stores iluxshop.es they are beautiful and good quality .

  • Sara

    I do like the small version she opted for.

  • mary

    always feel like Birkins are old(er) ladies’ bag. Or for travelling.

    • carefulincole

      yup, gigi is too young for Birkin bag

  • Mya Wilkes

    Love her sweater in slide 5.

  • elso721

    Super cute. That size is much more adequate for someone in their 20s.

  • I want her leather jacket – anyone know who makes that jacket?!

  • Nadine

    I think this post should actually be about Kylie Jenner. She went from owning 0 to all of a sudden having at least 5 I think (black, brown, red, orange, etc). In this post I only see 2 that look very much like hand me downs, whereas Kylie’s are definitely new (when do the Kardashians ever share haha)

  • Faith Marrett

    I like that they are hand me downs that’s the point of the price and heritage of the brand. I also love the size much more practical.

  • ebelina papastamatiou

    i just remembered i had seen a video with her mothers -amazing- house tour and her -amazing- closet, so i googled it and there are the two bags in the middle of her handbag shelves, so they are from her i guess.
    ugh wish my mother had at least one to share with me!

    p.s i feel like an inspector :p

  • Alexandra

    This bag is gorgeous, I found a heritage vintage hermes on skye, the digital fashion calendar. Its my new addiction, this site has all the best pieces of the season. I love it so much I can’t stop talking about it, if your girls want to check it out the site is skye. pm yes with a pm instead of . com its so fun!

  • Sara

    Is it me or do used Birkins look better than new ones?

    • Jerri R

      I love them even more for that very reason.

  • Jerri R

    Does anyone know who makes her choker?

  • Aoedele

    Not a fan of the Birkin, don’t see what the big deal is. Gigi is one gorgeous girl.

  • Stella Ren

    She is gorgeous but I cant see her as a birken girl. Btw I love her laced sweater

  • ughclothessss


    they are yolanda’s….. this is yolanda’s closet in her old house