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  • Sparky

    Waiting for those amazing Fendis PB reported on some weeks ago – even though they’ll probably be out of my range. (boo hiss)

  • Smithy

    The Row bag looks interesting.

    • It’s one of my favorites of the bunch as well. I feel like it’s a bag you could carry for years and it would only look better and softer and more luxurious with time.

      • sev2108

        I agree. All of their bags always look so soft and luxurious. Someday!

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  • michelle

    I need your opinion – which bag do you recommend – the Chloe Drew or Hudson?? I’m thinking that Drew may stand the test of time. But the closure for the Hudson is easter to get in and out…. I have both at home but will only keep one. Thank you for any insight you can provide.

    • I think you can’t go wrong either way, but the Hudson is more casual where the Drew feels a little bit more “put together” to me. Depending on if you tend to dress up or dress down, one is probably a more seamless addition to your wardrobe than the other! Go with your gut.

    • BabyDietrich

      I love my Drew! :D

  • Stina Sias

    Thank you, I’ve already reserved that Stella :)

    • Congrats! Hopefully it will arrive sooner rather than later :)

  • Sara

    The cat clutch is sooo cute!

  • BabyDietrich

    That Edie Parker clutch!!!!!!!!

  • bee

    Chloe Hudson is the only bag on this list that I like. It is a perfect mix of beauty and functionality. Can’t wait till Christmas to get one.

  • Anna

    I already pre ordered the Gucci Dionysus in black arabesque ????????

    • StargazerSpider

      Omg, that bag is beyond stunning! Holy wow, congrats! ^_^

    • That bag is gorgeous!!!

    • Jess

      That bag is beyond beautiful… I think the heavens might open up and angels sing when you get your hands on it.

    • Jo

      Gorgeous! have to say never been a fan of Gucci but this collection is a stunner!

  • Jess

    I was hoping for the PS bag… is it ever going to be released? The PS tan/black leather/python flap bag…. http://www.spottedfashion.com/2015/09/17/proenza-schouler-springsummer-2016-runway-bag-collection/

    • I’m sure it will be, but it’s a Spring 2016 bag–you’ve got a few more months to wait.

      • Jess

        Thanks! I’ll start saving ;)

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  • Some of these beauties have amazing colors, but with this autumn greyness i would prefer a http://www.EllenVicius.com black bag…