Valextra Babila Bag
Valextra Babila Bag in Oyster

I receive countless emails daily asking me what brand to buy that is not over-done, over-logoed, and classic. Of course there are Hermes bags and Lambertson Truex (my new obsession), and of course many of the exotic handbag designer specialists. But there is another gem out of Italy, a little known gem that you may know about, but not know about. It is Valextra. Valextra handbags exude a look of clean lines, timeless appeal, and impeccable quality. They are a little known gem for the work that they do, but a gem is still a gem. We have covered Valextra Bags before and now I am happy to bring you a new addition to the Valextra family for Fall/Winter 08. The Valextra Babila Bag is designed with soft leather and is available in a variety of colors. The shape is simple, yet perfect for work and day-to-day wear. It is the kind of bag that is so simple yet so elegant that it needs to explanation. There are no logos to be found on the bag. Just clean lines. There is a zipper top closure and double shoulder straps. The bag is available in brilliant green, tundra, and oyster. The price will be $ 2,380 and this bag and other Valextra bags can be found at Barney’s NY (212.833.2583) or find more information at Valextra online.

Valextra Babila Bag green
Valextra Babila Bag in Brilliant Green

Valextra Babila Bag tundra
Valextra Babila Bag in Tundra

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  • Love love love Valextra!! Thank you sooo much for showing us!!

  • mette

    These bags don´t raise love nor hate feelings. I don´t want a bag with a markable logo,but there could be just a hint of one,maybe on the zipper side. A bag without a name is too anonymous for me. Maybe I´m a bit of a snob after all?

    • Chiffre

      Valextra does have their logo on the outside of the bag, mainly on the zipper pull and the sides of their hardware (i.e. if you look close enough on the part where the handles connect to the body, the word “Valextra” is stamped on either side of the piece of hardware).
      And it’s all right to be a bit of a snob, but sometimes, the simple stylings of a bag speaks more than a logo itself, especially when it comes to most Hermès bags – their styles are so obvious that and well-known that a logo isn’t needed at all.
      Besides, sometimes, people prefer to be logoless (like myself), but I’m not opposed to having one or two on the outside. It can’t be helped.

    • Mariettaciriello

      At the end valextra is not made so well, infact my friends bag broke down.. I really think that for the look and quality is not worth it!!

  • Graciella

    The colours are nice, but the design is just not for me. I checked out their website and none of the bags really touch me in any way. I know the quality is great (I visited the store in Milan two years ago), but they’re just too plain for me.

  • 2manybags

    I love Valextra! Every Valextra bag I have has held up so well and I love that there are no obvious logos. I’ve heard the brand referred to as the “Italian Hermes”

  • Berenice

    yaawwnn, boring.

  • william

    I always assumed Valextra was mid ranged in price, considering their low key designs; I find it absurd they charge *that* much.

    • amante

      If you think about Hermes handbags like the Plume, I think Valextra is more than understandable.

      That aside, I love Valextra’s color palette!

  • savvygal @ savvymode

    It’s a good workday bag for lawyers or investment bankers. But really nothing to write home about.

  • PJH

    I absolutely love it! It’s such a good style, and craftsmanship looks exquisite. I am loving the butteriness of the green one big time. Great pick, you guys. This would look so much fun at work or out on the town. Loves it.

  • Sam

    it looks like the boston bag but with the top flaps held up so that it resembles a tote as opposed to the boston bag’s boxy shape. does it come in one size only? i love the colors and the very clean, classic lines. perfect backdrop for scarves and twillys :grin:

  • marie v.

    Valextra is top range, and I love it, no question about it. But there is a Belgian brand that will appeal to all of you ladies who are sick of logos and over-detailed bags that shout ‘look at me’.
    Check out ‘le Brillant’ at, it is fabulously handcrafted with meticulous finishings. Delvaux uses the most exquisite skins one can imagine. And believe me, people with an eye for beauty will definitely notice you’re carrying a gem.
    But there is a lot more to drool over on line.
    Do me a favour go have a look and tell me what you think of it.



    I want to be your distributer here in Botswana.what cant i?

  • Jurmik

    Yesterday I received from my neighbour a Babila cluch, she was in Hong kong, I babysat her pets.