Valextra continues to forge its way up the handbag rankings, moving past the trendy logo bags and sitting peacefully in between the Chanel’s and Hermes’ of the world. The elegance that is Valextra can be seen in person, as you touch, feel, and carry the handbag. I recently covered the Valextra Babila, but this handbag did not bring enough forward for many of you. Too simple, too plain, not enough attention catching oomph. But the Valextra Boston Bag has all that you need in a classy handbag; it is timeless, chic, sophisticated, supple, logo free, light weight perfection. Yes, perfection.

As soon as I first laid my eyes on the bag, my hands followed. My fingers glided over the simple design, meticulously admiring each and every detail. The stitching, the corners, the leather, the feel. The bag holds its shape, without falling into itself and slumping into oblivion (a problem with a similar shaped bag from LV, the Speedy). The Valextra Boston Bag holds its shape, as if it looks at the world with its head held high, shoulders back, and prim and proper stature. Even upon opening the large zip compartment, the bag refuses to sag away and loose its beautiful structure. The outside of the bag features an snap pocket, for a cell phone or car keys, and the inside features an end to end zip pocket for other goods. Vlad and I had a slight problem with the zipper top closure; the zipper is a tad heavy and it was took a little more effort than I typically expend to open and close the bag. But this was not a problem that turns me off of the bag. In fact, it is the details that lure one in, it is the bags refined beauty that catches your eye, and it is the craftsmanship that keeps you.

Valextra has long been compared to Hermes (we had a great discussion on Valextra vs Hermes on the Purse Forum). It mostly comes down to what you look for and want in a bag. Valextra is still more reasonably priced, and their Boston bag is their staple.

The bag we had the pleasure of reviewing is the Valextra Boston in soft leather, with the Fall 2008 oyster color. The price will be $3,370 and the bag can be purchased at Barney’s NY Valextra boutique (660 Madison Avenue, New York, NY 10021. 212-833-2583). Also, you can contact Milan’s Valextra store, Via Manzoni 3, 20121 Milano, t: 0039 02 99 78 60 60. I am set on a Boston Bag, totally entralled and captivated, yet I feel myself craving one of the Valextra Crocodile Boston Bags. This I will have to see in person on our next trip to Milan (price around $10,000 for the crocodile Boston).

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  • 2manybags

    I said this the last time a Valextra bag was reviewed…I love Valextra. The leather is beautiful and durable and I like that the bags have Valextra discreetly placed on the hardware. No screaming logos. I’ve often heard it refereed to as the Italian Hermes and personally I think the quality and craftsmanship is absolutely on par if not better than Hermes.

  • Gustonegro

    would that work as a man bag? I have seen pic of the similarly styled overnight bag but that, I imagine is too big.

    Greets from Hamburg, Germany

    • ofaj

      I think it would work as a bag for men if it’s a bit large, say, about 40 cm wide. Megs, could you please give us the dimensions of this bag?

  • serena

    I think this bag is lovely; in fact, the whole line is just beautiful. It may not be the bag that catches your eye right away, but it is one that you will go back to look at over and over. I want one!

  • Chiffre

    valextra is one of my handbag weaknesses.
    if i could, i would own every piece of valextra goodness out in the world, and then order a few custom items – just for fun.
    i am simply in love with my valextra clutch, though. i’ll be purchasing a ridged shopping tote on my next trip to new york.
    i simply can’t wait.

  • william

    I normally love a bag with structure, but this is simply a leather box lacking the alluring, feminine detail so common in structured bags.

  • I love it. Perfectly well made, classic design, amazing leather.
    I don’t think it’s a purse. Would make a great travel bag.

  • Genevieve

    I LOVE the simplicity and quality of this bag. It is impeccably designed and wonderfully understated.

  • mave

    this looks like a lawyer’s court bag.


  • Lori

    I totally agree with William on this bag. I am sure the quality is fabulous but it is very boring to look at. I have seen these bags at Barneys and always wonder what is the attraction?

  • Funmi

    Classic, chic…fabulous.

  • suit

    Valextra, the best leather more than Hermes

  • luke4purse

    Just lovley…

    Mr Valextra Just got the new fit and the new style… Just saw the new campaign from Slimane… they’re gettin on the right track!

    Way better then hermes and bottega trillion better the vuitton!

    Love it

  • linh

    Where can I find Valextra in Asia?

  • mozhde

    fantastic,big, and suitable for travel

  • Meg

    Just saw this purse in Essence October 2010 issue, and though I’ve been saving for an LV Speedy, I am salivating for this purse! I’ll get more use out of it for work and everyday than a Speedy, so accounting for cost-per-use, the Valextra Boston is a bargain :D

  • guest

    Beautiful craftsmanship. This bag makes a great week-ender with its corner inserts and the thickness of the dimension top to bottom.