Valextra Handbags

The new Valextra bags brilliantly exhibit sophisticated shapes with clean lines and excellent luxe materials. Minimalism at its finest. New for fall of 05.

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  • Eleonora

    Don’t buy Valextra!!!! They think to be a kinda Italian Hermes, but they are not. I know them very very well and believe me, Valextra is just a bunch of unprofessional, arrogant and reckless people who are too bad to work in a real fashion company. DON’T BUY their goods as like this you only help to enrich these terrible people!

    • J.R.

      Sadly, Eleanora must have found out the hard way that the staff at Valextra usually refuse to accept return merchandise when they find meth you didn’t remember to remove from the pockets, not to mention the rather ripe aroma from the thong you left in there the entire 72 hours you thought you were ‘borrowing’ the bag for.

  • billyjoe

    bada ba ba ba! i’m lovin’ it!

  • John

    Eleonora, valextra makes the best leathergoods in all the world. It is nicer then hermes and better made. I`m sorry if you do not understand such beauty and elegance… probably you cant own one of them… Valextra is for no logos people, that understand quality…

  • lori d

    Valextra- isn’t that some kind of perscription drug for impotence?

  • Andres

    I bought an Avietta, the classic Valextra Travel bags. It is incredibly well made, it is incredibly functional and has the best skin of all other bags. People that talks bad about valextra is just cause that they really nnever seen one or own one. So leve valextra where she is and buy whatever u think it’s good… but leathergoods in luxury it is just Valextra

  • Sherry

    Does anyone know where I can buy a Valextra? Any idea of what they cost? I buy everything online, so if anyone knows a website- that would be great!

  • Ky

    you can definitely get valextra at saks 5th

  • Ky

    they’re expensive, the one picture on the left is somewhere in the range of 2000-3000 i believe

  • chris

    Does anyone know where to buy Valexta in Paris?



  • Rod

    Eleneora. You are a Philistine.

  • madeline

    you can buy it at barneys or at saks

  • Christy

    Valextra is the worlds leater in leather goods and quality. It is mad and produced by one hand and one person. Its not made in an asembely. There are only 3 channels in the u.s. where you can get it. Its very clean and classic and not over done or copied like channel or louis vuitton.

  • Meg

    Anyone interested in purchasing Valextra can call the Dallas Barneys @469-221-4727. They have excellent customer service, and a fantastic selection of Valextra. There simply is no other handbag that meets the quality and sophistication that Valextra holds. It is simply incredible. I personally own several pieces.

  • Trish

    Right now Valextra is also available at Barneys in New York. Phone number for Valextra Boutique is 212-833-2583.

  • Kelly

    Barneys New york in Dallas is the only place in the south to purchuse Valextra. They offered the best service the other day! My husband bought a wallet there and he is loving it. Hopefully he will get the handbag I am in love with.

  • Greg Adolf

    Hey guys! I work for Barneys Dallas in the handbag department. If you have any questions in regards to Valextra, Balenciaga, Goyard or any other designers that Barneys handles, give me a call. I would love to help ya out! 469-221-4724 or email me @

  • Art Guy

    Valextra is unreal, and currently on double-markdowns at SFA!

  • jcc

    Valextra is NEVER on sale! Art Guy, do you know what the hell you’re talking about? Perhaps your brain is double marked down?!

    • simon

      I was looking at a couple of Valextra pieces on sale in the Saks Men’s Store in Chicago a couple of weeks ago.

      I work in the leather industry and had never actually had “hands on” experience of a Valextra piece before so I spent a lot of time looking at the bag.

      So there you go, they do go on sale

    • Jim

      actually, Valextra does get marked down. Harrold’s in Lndon marks it down.

  • Nicci

    I totally agree with Eleonora. Spend your moeny else where. :!:

  • j

    In Europe, Valextra can only be purchased in Harrods and in Italy. The website is:
    Every piece can be ordered from either Harrods or the Italian boutique in almost any colour and leather (soft, smooth, grained, etc) you may want, they even do exotic skins such as alligator. The stuff is expensive but it is well worth the money- the leather and the craftsmanship are fantastic, and the zips on their products use the same technology used in NASA spacesuits, and they have pretty innovative products- they are the first to develop an ‘overnight’ suitcase + the laptop bags are beautiful.

  • j

    lol with regards to my post above- i was meant to say ‘overnight briefcase’ instead of suitcase. lol. but yes, that is what i have to say about valextra, i hope it was of assistance to anyone.

  • LuLu

    I have a beautiful Valextra Black Bag up on E-Bay everyone! And, it is a fabulous price…have a look at it and drool……

  • tyo

    valextra is the brand for people who does not want to carry a bag that screams designer look at me!!

    i love the classic styles of hermes and love the simple clean lines of valextra.

  • bearbrick

    so whats it to be..valextra or not it one of those much hyped and overpriced luxury brand who was given a resusitatio by some fash mag / style guru and relaunced and set upon us unsuspecting public or is it really worth every penny.

    does eleonor have a point when she tell us to avoid valextra ..if you are still reading this forum eleonor please expand your comments and back them up.


  • J.R.

    No, it’s not. But this blog is helpful for ignorance.

  • anon

    If anyone reads this can you tell me if the women’s grained leather shopping bag comes in colours aside from white? Thanks.

  • Valextra does come in several colors. I find the colors vary according to the piece.

    Valextra makes fabulous leather goods. I have researched several brands (LV, Goyard, Montblanc, BV & Prada) looking for the ideal padfolio/notepad (conference folder) and found Valextra to have the most elegant and well made for the money ($560US). Though still very pricey, this is an elegant and understated line of leather goods.

    Too often I find myself chasing a trend b/c I love the design but ultimately regret the purchase due to its lack of simplicity. I believe understated timeless pieces are what many of us return to for that fashionably polished look. Barneys and Saks are great places to find Valextra.

  • Jim

    The Valextra line does not age well at all. Loses shape due to warping of leather and they consistently have issues with hardware breaking. Not a line I would recommend for the money.

  • jcc

    I bought Valextra at Saks on double markdown so you don’t know what you are talking about

  • rnp

    the above is rnp telling jcc, it is not from jcc

  • Luca

    i dont why some people in here keep saying bad stuff about valextra,but i am really close to the people that work in there and all i can say is that valextra is the only brand that never copied or stole ideas from other brands..lets take an was the manager of valextra and moved to hermes after a big offer..most of the people in here know what it means..but pple like eleonora don` here is the point..for that offer suppancic moved to hermes taking all the ideas..and valextra and mr.carminati didnt care about this,because they knew that it would have happened..thats why hermes had those colourful and classic handbags that had an huge copied valextra…and over that we all know that valextra is not for everybody..the pple that say bad stuff about it pbbly dont have money to afford one or just think that they are not worth their price..but who owns one will prove that there s nothing better..and then a point that really irritates can you say that valextra s products dont last long…you should probably stop putting your wallet in your old fashioned tight pant and try to keep it in an hand back or in the pockets of your suite..we re talkin about leather..real leather worked by professional hands..from the factory to your pocket..but who cares about what people say..valextra is valextra..and there is nothing better.

  • jaueline

    Valextra, bring back the elephant skin! Where are the guts this company used to have?

    It was a great company, a long time ago. Can they re-create the old magic? Lets see, but I shall say in advance I am not hopeful (due to the development over the last decades of the exponential mark up and megalithic retailers)…

    So far, it looks nice – but I agree with the comment above with regards to the leather warping. Hopefully, this is the only area which they have “cut costs” OH WAIT – IS THAT A FACTORY IN ITALY FILLED TO THE BRIM WITH CHINESE IMMIGRANTS????? So made in Italy literally means that – it never implies it was made by Italians.

    Yeah, thought so. Shame about Valextra…

  • Jackie

    Does anyone know where I can get a Valextra bag repaired. I love the looks of the bag and would like to continue using it but it is in need of its third repair. I have carried the bag about 20 times. The screw that held the handle came loose (on both sides). I had it repaired locally, but now a steel rod is poking out of the handle. Where do I get help?

    • Corvette

      I just had the exact same thing happen to mine!

  • Naggy

    The quality may be there, but the fact that these do not rely on anything other than clean, straight lines make it not even worth a fraction of the price. (ipad)

  • KY

    Looks too rectangular imo (ipad)

  • Kevin

    I am looking at the SS 2011 Valextra B-Cube and i found my way in here. I am in talk with Barneys NY and once the shipment comes in, i will come back here to address the finding.

    But let me put on one thing. When i was shopping for my wife the Louis Vuitton Resort 2010 Monogram Bulles MM, i ran into the same above discussions. I gambled it and ordered it from LV. When this resort-bag arrived, you would not believe how beautiful it was. You can spend hours after hours inspecting each stitch and still find nothing wrong about it. When carried, you sure get very much attention, eyes are watching from distances. My wife loves it and it is one of her bags to be loved most.

    So, i do believe there are people out there know nothing about products, financially no way they can afford one of these nice merchandises, although sitting in front of their pc yapping junks (i do have a lot of these friends). Most of us grown ups know our products and perhaps have different opinions whether buy or not to buy. But without even seen or touched one on display, don’t even come close judging anything. I don’t believe LV ever go on sale, i don’t believe Hermes ever go on sale, and i am new to Valextra, and i am buying it for my wife this one, because i love her, and she deserve the best bags available out there, Valextra is one of them. Good night.