You know, I am not really sure what to say here… and that rarely happens. So, let me see what I can conjure up given the fact that my mind is suffering from various states of confusion.

As I was catching up on some news (as well as daily celeb gossip), I came across a tidbit of information that I *HAD* to share with you all. Lindsay Lohan is planning on breaking into the handbag world. And no, I am not talking about her discussing the various expensive handbags she owns. Instead, I am talking about Lindsay designing handbags of her own.

If you are anything like me, you need to reflect on this a little bit.

That’s right. Lindsay Lohan wants to be a handbag designer. I realize that handbags are an accessory most celebs love. Everyone seems to have at least a couple favorite designer bags they can’t do without. Heck, even us “normal people” covet handbags. That’s why you are reading this, right?

I also understand that it makes sense for many fashion forward celebs to dabble in the fashion world. There are several successful celebs who have fashion lines of their own. I welcome this. However, I cannot believe that Lindsay Lohan will have her own line of handbags. In fact, Ms. Lohan will be creating her own line of Ed Hardy handbags. Certainly Ed Hardy is a line that appeals to a very specific crowd, but regardless, what do you think about Lindsay putting her two cents into the handbag world? I for one am rather shocked that any designer line (including one such as Ed Hardy) would want their name/brand associated with Lindsay and her train-wreckish ways. Am I the only one who feels this way? Discuss!

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  • Miss.Cherie

    I don’t do Ed Hardy, but if she ever designed anymore handbags I don’t think I will even consider buying them… Unless she turns out to be a TOTAL HANDBAG GENIUS. Somehow I don’t think this will happen. x

  • Tiffany

    OMG! She can barely design leggings! I liked LiLo when she first tried to be a pop singer..does she not realize she is a used-to-be star? Child star….I would not buy her handbags unless maybe she was being backed by Chanel..or LV..or even Fendi..

  • Sakyie

    What a relief, I thought this article was going to say she’d be designing for one of my favourite brands. As soon as I read Ed Hardy, I giggled. Everyone, we’re safe, no reason for panic!!! HAHA

  • Michelle

    Ok that will be a train wreck just like her career and life. This girl needs to get her life in gear by chilling out on the partying and show up to court. haha If movie industry producers won’t back her movies no smart investor will back her line of bags.

  • Sofia Nolan

    oh geeez, somebody teach this girl how to dress….

  • Jackie

    LOL @ SAKYIE! I agree! There is absolutely NO REASON FOR PANIC! Ed Hardy? Relief!!!

  • MAX

    lol what’s with her? why brands need her to design something like last time ugaro (cant remember the name) and turn out as total ruins. this time what will happen we’ll see. why dont those brands ask some other smarter celebs to design bags or cloths Linsey is a brand consumer (just know to spend her $$ on things) not designer even us as purseblog fans we know more about bags than she does since we think before buy bags and we also know what’s right and not to buy.

  • angela

    When I read this, I immediately remembered those photos you posted of her and her terribly mishandled hermes. Oh dear….

  • CoutureCoco

    LOL! I don’t need any reflection time – ‘designing her own line..’? – what a joke!

  • Ava

    Lindsay designing with/for Ed Hardy? Yikes. Talk about “classy.” *raises an eyebrow* I digress… I have seen posts about her designing her handbag line for 6126 though and her Dillard’s brand. Hmmm… Now I am really confused. She’s designing for both Ed Hardy and her own line? PLUS swimwear, cosmetics and an apparel collection by 2011? I’m not quite sure… Shannon, what do you think? Here are some links about the handbag launch and apparel collection… and

  • Chris

    I do not think you need to worry. This woman is a train wreck and right now, she is too confused to focus on anything. I doubt that any serious designer still wants to be linked to her.
    First, she needs to stay away from drugs and alcohol and get her life back on track.
    And thinking about it, I usually do not like it when actors/singers/celebrities become “designers”. Usually, they just give their name and face, and somebody with a degree in design and with the right know-how does all the work.

  • Kiki

    Considering that Ms. Lohan may soon be incarcerated (for failure to appear in court), the debut of her handbag line is certainly ill-timed. She really needs to focus on the healthy re-design of her inner self rather than focusing on the embellishment of a very fragile exterior self.

  • Sofia Nolan

    this girl needs to hire somebody to teach her how to dress. and act.

  • Linda

    Will the handbags include interior pockets to hide “stuff”…he he he. This poor girl needs a serious wake up call. She better pull herself together soon because time is passing quickly and her career will be really over (if it isn’t already). Actually, it is pretty darn sad.

  • bagdesigner

    Just thought you should know that she’s not designing a handbag line for Ed Hardy. The same company that designs the Ed Hardy handbags (which are actually pretty thoughtfully designed, if you know the difference) has inked a deal with her. Most celebrities that get into fashion hire licensing companies with an entire staff of seasoned design professionals that consult. The celebrities contribute their opinions and personal preferences, provide inspiration, and approve the designs. What’s wrong with her using her notoriety to launch and expand a collection?

  • what is ed hardy t-shirt

    i love ed hardy design :)

  • Emma G

    She’s not very aspirational is she (ipad)