Juicy Couture Terry Fairytale BagJuicy Couture is known for their terry tubes, terry sweats, terry this, and terry that. Juicy made terry chic in the past year, making it possible for girls to sport their sweats in mid day without looking like they just got out of the gym. Some say Juicy’s stuff is overpriced, but in my opinion the materials last, the quality matches the price and the designs are just cute. Ask Megs, she has a darn wardrobe full of heavenly juiciness.

Just right for the mid summer time, the Juicy Couture Terry Fairytale Bag in their signature tube shape went on sale at Adasa for a measly $75. The bag has a contrasting leather trim, their crest logo embroidered on one side and “Juicy” on the other. A leather heart patch on one end reads ‘Juicy Fairytale’, while a solid goldtone “J” zipper pull with heart and goldtone chain, hooks and zipper complete the bag. Zipping on Megs’ Juicy bags’ zippers always is a real pleasure and awakens the child in me. I love it. The dimensions: 10″ in width by 4″ in diameter.

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  • chemlex

    I don’t know. I’ve thought about this one for a while – and if the price tag were a bit higher I would be enraged by the ripoff. Even at its current price, who wants to look like Gwen Stefani coming home from the gym?

  • Jean

    I think that this purse is fairly priced.

  • we meet aagain chemlex asshead…
    btw, i want to look like Gwen Stefani coming home from the gym. her purses are hot

  • clulessblondie

    hey yalls!!!! i like this purse is rlly cute!!! i have a friend hoo has dis purse and she got it 4 like $150 bucks so this 1 seems like a bargin!!! and oh ya WHAT THE HECK IS WRONG W/ LOOKIN LIKE GWEN STEPHANI GOIN HOME FRUM DA GYM?!?!?!?

  • chemlex

    Here’s the thing guys, everyone has different opinions – and I can respect yours without resorting to calling you an “asshead.”

    I’m glad there are people in this world who want to look like Gwen Stefani coming home from the gym. That’s what keeps up the awesome variety in fashion. Personally, I don’t want to look like that.

    So prove me wrong, and show me how reasonably priced you think this bag is and click on the link and buy the purse so you can support the site.

  • billyjoe

    wow you really are an asshead
    j/k :D
    ps-sorry for everything, its all yomama’s fault! j/k
    but yes i am sorry.

  • Naggy

    I never understood the appeal of the barrel shape. (ipad)

  • KY

    I don’t like these kind of bags. (ipad)