jessica biel woven gryson olivia

Are you as annoyed as I am that Jessica Biel is not only one of the hottest women alive but is also dating Justin Timberlake? Sure, at times her body looks a tad manly, but all bulky arms aside, her body is tight and toned. And Justin can move. Enough said. She does not stop with hot bod, but enjoys adorning herself with hip handbags and outfits. Recently, Jessica Biel’s bag of choice (that has been hard to identify for so many) is the stunning Gryson Woven Olivia in black. Wrapped tubular handles and thick leather weaving make this bag a hot accessory. There is a front flap pocket and two buckled shoulder straps. One may assume this bag is small (until seen on Jessica), but the dimensions are 17″ x 9″ x 12″. Available at Gryson online for $1295.

More pics of Jessica below (and a sexy Justin Timberlake :wink: )

jessica biel gryson bag1

jessica biel gryson bag2

jessica biel gryson bag
Images via Celeb Utopia

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  • W

    She bores me. What does this girl have besides a great stylist and a great personal trainer?

  • LAltiero85

    Oh she is just gorgeous…and that bag–TDF!!!! I don’t know which is prettier!

  • mc

    I don’t really understand the hype surrounding her. Ok, she’s got a good body, but so do most people who spend three hours a day at the gym and hire someone to tell them what to eat and how to exercise. The bag is gorgeous, but honestly, beyond some good makeup and good clothing, I agree with W, she bores me.

    • olivia

      I agree!!!! I don’t understand the hype. And Justin Timberlake, what a geek. If he wasn’t famous singing his little boy band type song he will be with Monica Lewensky!!!!lol

  • missruby

    I thought I was the only one!!…dont see anything special about her.

  • Donna

    Okay, I haven’t seen any of her movies, tv shows, etc. & I don’t know anything about her career. But I have to say she is gorgeous – her face is flawless and wouldn’t we all be happy to be sporting around her body? C’mon! On the flip side, I’m not at all crazy about the bag, can’t quite pinpoint it but its just not doing it for me. Oh well.

    Timberlake looks like a dufus to me, but thats just me.

  • ShoeGurl

    Love Jessica – Loathe Justin. She’s got taste when it comes to accessories but not when it comes to men. Keep the bag – ditch the guy!

  • keya

    she is gorgeous and the bag looks nice, but I agree; Justin is nothing but a dork with a personal trainer…

  • from vegas


  • Libby

    You guys are whack! Who in hollywood doesnt have a personal trainer and a personal chef? Freakin kathy griffin even does and she doesn’t look a bit like Jessica, and she didn’t when she was 28 either so don’t go there. This woman ALSO has some stellar genetics working in her favor. A personal trainer can’t make that.. God did. You guys are all nuts! Good makeup and good clothes..oh what are the odds! its hollywood, not sure what you’re looking for.