There is something comforting about distressed leather. I don’t know if it is the fact distressed leather can look so no-nonsense or hassle free, but I like it. The Giorgio Brato Distressed Leather Bag is one that demonstrates how amazing distressed leather can look if it is worked with diligently. If a designer isn’t careful, distressed leather can look used as opposed to giving off a vintage or well worn feel. Giorgio Brato is a designer who pays close attention to this which is clearly visible through this handbag. One of the greatest things about this bag is its versatility. There are so many looks you can get when carrying this bag while always remaining fashionable. Double rolled handles add an extra sense of ruggedness to the feel of the bag. Since there is ample room to store whatever you might need, this bag is perfect fit for day to day use. However, I would have to say, I am still simply thrilled by the look of the leather; it is gorgeous. In fact, I can think of countless celebs, no matter what their typical look may be, who would sport a bag like this. Add some comfort to your look through Shop Bop for $1,025.

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  • Anilu Magloire

    I like it. It has personality.

  • MizzJ

    Cool bag. I really like the boho feel of this bag and how soft the leather looks. This is one of those bags that looks better as that finishing piece to an outfit, than as to give you that “wow” reaction on its own, which after all, isn’t what a great bag is supposed to do?

  • Merve

    Im looking for a distressed leather brown bag exactly this colour but i want it to be longer ie more rectangular…any ideas suggestions wud be much appreciated….

  • Johanna

    ^^Merve, I have a Marc by Marc Jacobs satchel in stone wich I love that really reminds me of the bag above…

    Otherwise I can recomend balenciaga-bags, but they don’y need no further introduction :P

  • Merve

    Hey Johanna…i thought i would give the wrong picture with my description. I meant more rectangular length ways rather than width. The marc jacobs bag is lovely and i do own a few balenciagas. Thanks for your help,…Any other ideas?


  • kiddo

    Hi, does anyone know if/where this bagcan be purchased!???? Is it still available anywhere???? PLEASE help!!
    Thank you!

  • Erin

    Another line of distressed leather briefcases and bags that I would suggest would be Glanor. Their website is