Fendi Wisteria Spy

Fendi Wisteria Spy

To wrap things up for today, I’ve saved the best for last. For the past months, there’s been a huge fuzz about the Fendi Wisteria Spy. Finding a Wisteria Spy seemed like hopelessly chasing a phantom. I would like to share why this was the case.

The Wisteria represent the ultimate peak of exclusivity. It is that rare that even the Fendi SA in Hawaii didn’t really know what to do when he was inquired about it. The Fendi corporate office finally managed to dispatch a picture of the Erlkönig itself. This bag takes at least 30 days to manufacture. Relatively speaking, that is more than a Maybach takes to produce. The reserve list for this bag is only 3 in the whole U.S. Only 25 to 30 bags of this kind will ever see the light of the day, ever. The U.S. headquarters agreed to purchase only 10 bags total, for only those customers who reserve them.

Sorry to burst your bubble, but you won’t have one. As much as you hope and wish, beg and sob, you will never own one. Not even remotely. I wish I could put it any nicer, but I can’t.

Now I will just have to deal with my woman bothering me for the rest of the year about why she can’t have one. Life is really tough sometimes.


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