A fur handbag. I am going to be upfront with you; I’m not sure how I feel about this. We are all familiar with how controversial fur and other exotic material is, but that’s not exactly what concerns me here. I think it is the color of the Doce and Gabbana Miss Glamorous Fur Print Handbag that really doesn’t do much for me. Come to think of it, the color of the bag just seems kind of gloomy. Even the antiqued gold metal hardware doesn’t seem to be able to add enough contrast to the fur print leather. At the same time I don’t really like the leather handles. In all reality the style of the handles doesn’t really work well with the rich look and feel of the fur. There is one thing I like about the bag, the overall shape. But really, there are probably hundreds of handbags out there with a similar shape that I would choose before ever choosing this bag. Of course this handbag comes with all the typcial amenities, like a zip top closure, textile lining and a few interior pockets. But, at the end of the day, the bag does nothing for me. Plus, in typical Dolce & Gabbana fashion, it isn’t cheap. Buy through eLuxury for $2,150.

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  • Anilu Magloire

    That weird print is just wrong. D&G is in the same category as Versace… Too much.

  • Kaylee

    Waste aside, the thought of the poor animalS being tortured for this piece of crap hurts.

    Using real fur is bad enough. Wasting them is worse.

  • Merve

    I dont get it….isnt it a fur print handbag…like its artistically printed and drawn..how does that contain fur? Am i being stupid?

  • notyurmama

    I’ve got an idea! Let’s write about bags that we’d like to wear/buy rather than ones that nobody likes. There are so many fabulous bags out there that would be fun to read about rather than this offensive atrocity. This is just wrong on so many levels. Pity the poor creature(s) that they used for this bag.

  • Diaz

    Well fur bag is for sure excellent. But anybody knows whether or not a handbag suits our body type?

  • jbug

    This is just a whole lot of drab. It’s dull. The shape has been done to death, the handles are just wrong, and don’t even get me started on the fur.

  • marie waters

    I LOVE this bag. I have it in beige/moro with rich chocolate brown leather handles and trim. The “fur print” actually looks like feathers; the pattern is hand-painted on exquisite, supple and soft leather and is in varying shades of gray on an off-white background. This is an artisan purse from the runway collection, truly a work of art. It is simply fabulous. I wear classic tailored clothing and accessories, and this bag is definitely high fashion but still timeless and so elegant. Because of the colors and the classic satchel shape, it is very versatile for almost any occasion and there aren’t too many women out there who will have such a unique and beautiful handbag. The quality is outstanding, comparable to a Bottega Veneta, Chanel or Louis Vuitton and made, of course, in Italy. It will last forever.

  • violet fiore

    I am baffled by the negative commentary. Each one of these couture handbags is different from one another and unique. There were not very many made and they are sold out everywhere. It is not a “casual” satchel at all; on the contrary, it is quite dressy and absolutely exquisitely constructed with superb yet subtle detail. It can be worn with a business suit, cashmere coat or jeans. And you will probably never see another woman carrying this handbag, if you’re lucky enough to own it. I love mine and consider it a coup to have purchased it when I did. Fashion forward, yes; haute couture and timeless, definitely. Dolce and Gabbana are the ultimate craftsmen.

  • samantha adams

    I think that most of these comments are from people who haven’t even SEEN this bag. Otherwise, I think the negative comments would be different. It is a fur PRINT handbag — not a FUR handbag!! It is gorgeous, silky LEATHER, not fur. It is painted. The internet pictures of this bag simply do not do it justice. The color — bone feathering (“fur”) on a taupey gray background, design, rich contrast of delicious chocolate brown leather trim and handles is simply beautiful. The shape is fabulous; it holds everything you’ll need to carry with you comfortably. It is a statement, signature bag that receives laudatory comments everywhere I go. I love it!

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  • nella

    i have this bag , i bought it on saks .com
    after i got it , i carried it out for few times , and i think the shoulder strap is just way too short
    for a huge bag like this , which makes it non -easy to carry

    i kept thinking this bag is missing a detachable strap, of course , should be in the perfect length , i even thought , maybe they made a mistake , and didn’t ship it ( the detachable strap ) to me

    could somebody tell me it really didn’t have a deachable strap ? thank u,