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Dior Print Saddle BagDo you remember grabbing tugging on your daddy’s pant leg when you were a little girl and crying and begging for a pony? If you just nodded your head all I can say is, “What a selfish brat!” Wait. Just kidding, I did it all the time. A pony among many other things. In fact, if you ever have the pleasure of meeting my wonderful father, don’t even ask him if I was a difficult child (because he would obviously say No, Duh!) Anyway, what does a pony have to do with anything you ask yourself. Well, as much as many of us ladies wanted a pony, we also should want a Saddle. The Dior Saddle Bag of course! Now this isn’t just any Dior Saddle Bag, this is the Dior Paris ’50’s Print Saddle Bag, and I can tell you I really really want it worse than I ever wanted a pony!

This bag not only a limited edition but also manifests a whimsical Parisian chic style, and shows off some of the most beautiful monuments and scenes in Paris through iconic sketches including Sacre Coeur, Notre Dame, and of course, fashionable women. “Prettied up with canary yellow and lilac flowers, this artful take on the classic saddle is truly a piece to treasure.” I could not agree more. Of course this classy little number is trimmed and piped in smooth leather, has the focal point at the oversized polished silver metal “D” charm dangling from the top flap, and a leather shoulder strap with polished silver metal “CD” charms. All of which I adore. Back to the pony. When you begged your daddy for that pony you just had to have, the answer was usually no. I have a feeling I will get the same response again for the much loved saddle. The Dior Paris ’50’s Print Saddle bag could be a down payment for a pony; coming in at a hefty $1,015 via eLuxury.

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  • I just picked this bag up two weeks ago and I love it! Didn’t have a pony as a child either, but this definitely makes up for it :). Long live the saddle bag

  • Marisa Hernandez

    I wish to buy this purse!!! (Christian Dior, Saddle Paris 1950´s)
    Where can I get it???
    Is there anywhere in the San Diego Area where I can purchase it?

    • rebecca

      i got one , its in peru and i can send you a picture of it , i dont know how much it cost but its original and i got all papers .

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  • that bag is adorable!

  • Angela

    I just purchased this bag three days ago and I absolutely love it!!!
    When I realized that it ‘s a limited edition I just had to have right away! :)
    P.S. To Marisa Hernandez — Neiman Marcus in Fashion Valley

  • yurledi

    i don´t liked it so much is ugly if of the 50s so old!!
    i liked the new fashion the new designs!!

  • yurledi

    billyjoe adorable your ass!! is the ugliest i have never seen!!

  • watson

    I like it so much!! i buy it to my wife is adorable!! and yurledi respect don´t come in a page of good people……if your a colombian….you are NARCOTRAFICANTE!! go away of here!!

  • Suellen Zimet

    Oh I love it!!! but it looks like it holds nothing!!!

  • jojo Berry

    I think i got the last available one from Dior. I love it and when one can afford a bag like this what it holds is not important, but I respect the concern. PHONE&CREDIT CARD.
    PS: Yurledi your jealousy is on fire.The word I yhink you want is ever not never.

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  • sam

    howmuch is this saddle bag?

  • I’m curious about the term “limited edition” when referring to this and other fashion items. It’s tossed around all the time, but rarely do you see a number attached to it. I work in limited editions (prints) here in Paris. All the prints we make are signed and numbered (and dated). How on earth could anyone know they’ve bought a limited edition if it’s not numbered? It’s smart marketing, (and the bag is interesting), but seems to me slightly dishonest.

    Matthew Rose / Paris, France

  • sam

    i am lookign to buy one of these bags….anyone interesting in selling one?

  • yes, this bag is so cute and adorable, i am lucky to buy it from two weeks ago, and i love it soooo much!

  • yes, this bag is so cute and adorable, i am lucky to buy it from bysneaker dot com two weeks ago, and i love it soooo much!

  • Britany

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    I am from Slovenia and learning to write in English, tell me right I wrote the following sentence: “Push against the wall as if you were pushing it away, without bending arms at the elbow.”

    With respect :P, Britany.

  • Valentine

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  • sdi

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    im frm singapore..i tru ur blog n i found dis gorgeous..
    my heart melt!could u tell me where can i buy it..n do dis still in town?
    drop me an email..

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  • Naggy

    It looks like it got snipped out of an ugly carpet. (ipad)

  • KY

    Not my cup of tea. (ipad)