Bally Beeleen HandbagFor as long as I can remember, my dad always dreamed about buying himself a pair of fine, handmade Bally shoes for work. For ages, Switzerland based Bally have been renowned for their luxury products and leather works. What kept dad from ever turning dream into reality before retirement was something between practicality and stinginess. What I didn’t know before walking into their store in Paris was that Bally also made very nice handbags. Styledrops happens to have a few of them on sale. What I liked the most was the Bally Beeleen handbag from this year’s summer line. The handbag carries their signature ‘B’ print on fine leather, held in contrasting black, white and red. The insides are lined in fabric, while three zip pockets complete this swank bag. The 14″W x 6″H x 5″D Bally bag goes for a discounted $439 (16% off) through Styledrops.

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  • that is cute just not my style…

  • billyjoe

    although i have to say, it looks like something the drummer of the white stripes would wear…

  • Naggy

    Omg, Two Face left his man purse! (ipad)

  • KY

    Not my style.. (ipad)