Andrea Brueckner Handbags

Lots of fuzz about the workings and doings of fashion designer Andrea Brueckner. Both celebs and the media give her bag creations tons of credit and attention, and hence, most certainly, we can’t miss out on telling you about them. Andrea launched her product line in the spring of last year, after having been apprentice to bespoke menswear tailor Craig Robinson, where she ultimately mastered the classic art of tailoring. She learned many draping and patternmaking techniques, which reflects in her creations to an almost insulting extent! If you think that it’s yet another Bottega Veneta look-alike, you are wrong. Although the leather appears to be woven (like BV), the bags are actually made of basketwoven embossed leather. Her bags are a hit, Linds Lohan has been spotted several times sporting Brueckner’s saddle bags, and also several fashion mags picked up on her unique lambskin ruffle bag creations. I suggest you check out Andrea’s official site and see what the fuzz is all about.

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  • those bags look kinda like loincloths to me….

  • chemlex

    I agree (because I can move past previous disagreements), they really do look like loincloths. These bags just don’t have the flair I need to have in an expensive handbag.

    Something about them also screams “Craft Fair”, but that could just be because I am not a fan of woven leather.

  • ginny


  • moi

    …look inside and what might you find? a pack of Pall Malls and crumpled scratch-offs! ugly, ugly, ugly…

  • Barbie Feuer-Stern

    I am looking for a look-alike BALENCIAGA. It is silver, a shoulder bag, and has alot of pockets.

  • mills

    i have had the a.b. medium size saddle bag since june, and wear it with just about everything. i absolutely love it, although i was a little disappointed when i finally ran into someone with the same about a week ago …

  • lori d

    I’ve had my saddle bag since end of June and have only seen one other person in NYC with it. GREAT bag! roomy and functional, as for the pall mall and scratch off comment – please…you are clueless

  • Nancy Pilau

    this bag it’s very interesting……at first…’s unacceptable that a fake woven bag costs sooo much….i saw a real Bottega Veneta at a designer outlet store $500….rather buy that one!!!

  • Paulina

    wow, almost over a year… I found out this “Purse Forum” by accidently. First,I’ve had 2 saddle bags one med and one small in brown color. I love them both, very soft and light, I carried a lot of my stuffs but doesn’t hurt my shoulder. I gave my daughter my med. saddle, she loved it. I carried them on my vacation trip in Honolulu-Hawaii (2x), Texas, and LA (5x) but I didn’t see anyone with the same bag. Second,it’s OK, if you see the same bag on the street because it’s popular, right. Third, I’m not agree about these bags are “Fake Woven … unacceptable” unfair!!! when you’re compared with Bottega Veneta, this is just depend on your personal taste. Good Luck for those who run to outlet store …

  • Naggy

    I like that last tote in the second column. (ipad)

  • KY

    Not my cup of tea. (ipad)