Alessandro Michele and Harry Styles Collaborate on Gucci HA HA HA Collection

A quintessentially '70s collection inspired by the art of creative friendship


For Alessandro Michele, collaboration has been a big part of his reign while at the helm of Gucci. It’s arguable that his attention to the art of collaboration is as important to him as his exploration of House archives. Michele has wowed the fashion world with a slew of unprecedented collaborations like those with Balenciaga, The North Face and adidas.

Now, Alessandro Michele is exploring the art of collaboration through the lens of friendship, tapping into the House of Gucci’s longstanding relationship with British singer/songwriter Harry Styles.

“The idea of working together came to me one day while we were talking on the phone: I proposed creating a ‘dream wardrobe’ with him, starting from those small oddities that come together in childlike visions. We ended up with a mix of aesthetics from 1970s pop and bohemian to the revision of the image of the gentleman in an overturned memory of men’s tailoring.” – Alessandro Michele

An Exploration of Creative Friendship

The collection is described as a unification of distinct creativities that meet along a shared border. In other words, this collection takes unique creative elements of both Michele and Styles and melds them, combining two different perspectives.

Dubbed Gucci HA HA HA, the collaboration is named after the initials of Harry and Alessandro but also stands for the laughing face emoji which Michele and Styles have ended their messages to each other for years with. A collection defined by a meeting of two creative minds, it also explores the sincerity and dedication of friendship.

A Vintage Vibe

Bearing special branding with a unique Gucci HA HA HA label, pieces from the collection are defined by vintage-esque fabrics and a mix of various aesthetics. There are references to vintage pop and nods to a very bohemian wardrobe, all finished with an attention to men’s tailoring.

The collection was also inspired in part by the ways in which Styles dresses. Michele has observed his unique ability to pair unordinary items together over the years, allowing Michele himself to rethink the process of getting dressed as it relates to one’s appearance.

At its core, Gucci HA HA HA is playful and fun, meant to feel light and unstuffy, not to be taken too seriously. Consisting of jackets, coats, pants, shirts, and accessories, the pieces are a surprising take on classicly masculine items, exploring a unique elegance through clothes. There are unexpected prints on bowling shirts and pajamas, sartorial suits, denim, and more.

The collection also highlights bags, like Gucci’s iconic Bamboo 1947, cheetah-printed suitcases and an embellished version of the Gucci Jackie 1961. The collection’s overall feel screams the 1970s, and it truly is a representation of two of fashion’s most-revered men. Other standouts include long-lined coats and kitschy details like frog fasteners, hearts, and pleats.

Get a first look at the collection below, coming to stores this fall.

Gucci HA HA HA 12
Gucci HA HA HA 13
Gucci HA HA HA 4
Gucci HA HA HA 3
Gucci HA HA HA 2
Gucci HA HA HA
Gucci HA HA HA 10
Gucci HA HA HA 5
Gucci HA HA HA 7
Gucci HA HA HA 6
Gucci HA HA HA 8
Gucci HA HA HA 9


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  1. Geraldine Avatar

    Seems like the same things over and over again at Gucci these days.

  2. Candee Avatar

    I love the vintage vibe!

  3. psny15 Avatar

    So stupid and uninteresting – who wants to dress like this?

  4. Joolz Avatar

    Um … just no.

  5. Joy Mc Avatar
    Joy Mc

    I love Harry’s looks but not this line tho I absolutely want to! It does not seem cohesive like his outfits usually are and seems more of shock value except for maybe jean outfit with long coat.Thumbs up for bag with wood handle as well as all footwear.

    1. Sandy Avatar

      The outfits are put together purely for editorial sake. Take a piece here and a piece there and make them your own. I love the herringbone coat and the sweater under it, I would buy them both but I would not wear them together.

      1. Michelle Avatar

        I’m pretty sure you can find that herringbone coat at your local Goodwill today.

      2. Joy Mc Avatar
        Joy Mc

        I appreciate the info.i just know I’ve seen celebs take something straight off runway and be done!
        I also think when you are a performer you can be a little more loud and out of the box to where it just fits 100Percent!!!
        The colorful suits remind me of pajamas but I could see rocking that red sweater vest.

  6. AngelC Avatar

    This new label is fun, exciting and classy all at the same time!! I gotta have the patch leather jacket

  7. Brenda Avatar

    I recommend over the shoulder bags, easier to carry. The sheep material should not be the main focus. It should be a fall line you are working on. The floral suits Harry wore were awesome. Let’s get real Gucci.