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  • I love everything except slides 2 and 20. 2 is just tacky and the 20 has too many statements on one bag. The interlocking bag isn’t getting as much love as I thought it would. It would’ve been nice to see variations of that bag. Overall I love the direction Gucci is headed and I can’t wait for these to hit the stores!

  • A waste of croc. Far too much embellishment. OTT

  • JaneH

    Slides 12-13 remind me of Anya Hindmarch but that’s just me. Love both brands. :)

  • Evelyn Roos

    I found them too similar to Valentino (specially the last one :O)

    • Canuck65

      Yes – Valentino has a collection of similarily shaped bags with horizontal stripes – so I see what you are saying. Valention did it better.

  • FashionableLena

    I watched the show live online, and I loved the clothes. I also liked that they and the handbags incorporated the signature stripe in both color combinations.
    As far as the hand bags go, they were okay for the most part. However, I did think that the ones like Bag 16 looked a little Sophia Petrillo from Golden Girls. If you don’t know who she is, look it up.

    • Canuck65

      Your comment about bag 16 is hilarious! Definitely something Sophia Petrillo would carry!

  • M harbor

    the bag on slide 23 is AMAZING!

  • Giselle

    I see Boy bag -> Diorama -> now Gucci

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  • psny15

    i love this new collection – quite spectacular after a lot of duds from gucci

  • W S M

    Slides 7 and 14!! :O

    Now this is more like it! The Bamboo handles balance the proportions of the Dionysus perfectly! I never had a longing for a Gucci bag until this!

  • Sparky

    Looks like I’m going to pass on this season. I wouldn’t consider any of these.

  • Canuck65

    Too much going on in general – only bags I liked were 7, 20, 23, but even those aren’t enough to make want to run out to the store and buy them. Didn’t like the clothes either. I may be in the minority here but I really feel Gucci has lost its direction. I watched the season premier of Empire and Cookie was wearing a Gucci dress from a couple of season ago and it was still stunning and Cookie looked great in it. Miss Frida.

  • Immodest Goddess

    That’s a whole heap of excitement going on there…

    • Betty Wilson

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  • Sparkletastic

    I usually like Gucci but there is just too much going on with most of these bags for me. 23 is the best of the bunch. 7 is ok.

    But, my goodness! All those appliqués and embellishments look downright tacky. And that cat (?!) bag in 11 & 18 needs to go straight into the trash. It looks like a child’s crayola container made into a purse. Yuck!

  • mary


  • lavinia

    Ok, Do they changed designer and general manager to give a new fresh look to the brand? Well this is too much, all together, a mix and match which does not match at all. Sorry not classy. I would say cheap

  • Iram Imtiaz

    Tacky and way too in-your-face.

  • bir

    i just ……….. im lost in so many logos and studs and colors and stars and how un polished it all looks !

  • Newyorking

    Ugh, one word – ugly. Why does Gucci have to make such ugly looking bags? Drab, over the top, ugly unfeminine shapes, ugly embellishments that don’t blend with the bag or it’s colors, variations of buckles that are so unattractive. Ugh. Why Gucci? I loved one of their spring 2015 bags and wanted it so badly, but it wasn’t cross body enough. I hate the Dionysus buckle, too bulky and huge, and doesn’t work with the overall monogram look.

  • carefulincole

    The last bag is so alike to Valentino…


    1,2,3,6,9,16,17,21 and 22…. i want them ALL! so retro-chic, yet totally “now”…. what can i say … breathtaking xx

  • Judge & Jury

    This collection resonates with me. Simply put, it is beautiful. I could not be more pleased with the evolution.
    While the bags might be seemingly in your face, most if not all of the bags look as though they could have been purchased 40 years ago. That means that you can purchase them today and they will still look chic 40 years from today. The collection has quirky, fun, luxe and classic pieces – some of them are all at the same time. The question to ask is whether or not this your aesthetic and sensibility. It certainly will not work for everyone.
    I understand it is not all absolutely minimal, but there are some ‘Gucci’ minimal ones in the mix like 2 & 22. At its core, Gucci is about absolute lux; it’s not in the house’s DNA to pare it down completely.
    Trust me, these bags will grow on many of you who initially dislike them. Just wait. Gucci has never been for everyone – it never will. Gucci bags work best for those with an elevated sense of style who are a both irreverent and decadent who know how to pull the whole look together. These bags are not going to be forgiving for people who try to wear their clunky white sneakers with them. Only the elevated need apply.

  • Parvin Ghobadzadeh

    I do not like # 2. A bit too loud. # 25 makes me dizzy. too much is going on here. #11 is just not good. But I did 4 Gucci bags from Cruise collection. I preferred Cruise to Spring.