I love emails from readers. Sometimes they are long and have many in-depth questions, and other times they are short and to-the-point. Last week I got an email from Karen Y. with a forwarded image and a message that simply read, “WTF!?”. Direct. I like it.

I get that Givenchy is all about combining shock value and art with some of their pieces, and that is precisely what they are going for with the Givenchy Rottweiler Antigona Tote. Of course the design is a bit jarring at first, but don’t think Givenchy doesn’t know what they are doing – other items with the Rottweiler image have sold out immediately and ended up on eBay for substantial markup.

Fashion gets fierce with this Givenchy Rottweiler Tote, in which the print of the dog’s mouth appears aggressively waiting to bite down. Givenchy believes fashion should be fierce and this is what they have done with this image. I cringe just a little bit, mostly because of a traumatic dog bite I received as a child ON MY FACE. But there is this other part of me that considers carrying this tote. There is an additional interior wristlet with the identical print on the inside. Does this design work for you or like our reader Karen Y. are you left saying “WTF!?”. Price is $860 via Bergdorf Goodman.

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  • bryologue

    I love Riccardo but even if I have the money to spare now, I would pass on this one. Non merci.

  • KoutureCrochet

    No. Just no.

  • MIles

    I don’t see any artistic merit in this bag – making use of a Rottie to show aggression is going to reinforce negative breed stereotypes.  

    • Mona

       totally agree.

  • Lorie

    Absolutely NOT!!!! What an outrage!!!! This is further portraying this breed of dog as vicious and out of control. Rottweilers are loyal and gentle if raised by people who treat them like dogs and not like weapons. It is a terrible thing to continue to place the blame on the animal. The blame should go on the people who mistreat these dogs and make them mean. Shame on Givenchy! Shame on Bergdorf Goodman for selling this! And shame on anyone who buys this horrible bag.

    • Alexandra Davidoff

      I think this bag is quite unprepossessing, but I wouldn’t go *that* far. There are plenty of uglier, more unimaginative and tacky/gaudy/slutty bags out in the world (may I suggest looking up Versace?).   

      Why should Bergdorf and anyone else who buys it thinking it’s cool feel shameful? And how is Givenchy placing ‘blame’ on the Rottweiler? They’re only using the image to suggest power and fearlessness, as a Rottweiler is known for its fearless strength and self confident temperament. In turn, they are hinting at the qualities one must have to be an independent, self assured and successful woman who can wear their label.     

  • ElleOnWheelz

    I choose a handbag because it makes me happy. This bag does not fit that criteria in addition to being ugly and over priced. Pas la qualite, Givenchy.

  • AAAA

    I wouldn’t buy this if it was in the bargain bin at Target for $10.

  • Kaha

    never ever ever! it’s simply awful, the givenchy brand does not matter.

  • Reneeo

    I’m with “WTF?!”

  • Silversun

    Ew, absolutely not.

  • Rashida

    Not at all

  • Couldn’t the aggressive nature of fashion be expressed in a more.. clever way? This is the type of thinking that I would put to a child, equating big, mean dog = fierce. Definitely not something I’d pay anything for.

  • 19yearslater

    Absolutely not. I have never considered one of those odd dog bags Macy’s has sometimes and I certainly wouldn’t consider a dog-themed bag for an outlandish price. 

  • Natasha

    I absolutely would! I think it’s a fantastic image and portrays Givenchy and Ricardos strong and fearless approach to fashion.
    P.S. I used to own a very friendly rottweiler.comebackpenelope.blogspot.com

  • Natasha

    I absolutely would! I think it’s a brilliant image and portrays Givenchy and Ricardos strong and fearless approach to fashion. P.S. I used to own a very friendly rottweiler and don’t find it in bad taste.

  • andygirl

    This is What my rottie looks like when We are play fighting. She is a bad ass princess

  • coco

    very very ugly style.
    why would i ever wear a tshirt, carry a bag etc with a angry dog on it

  • jmc

    I love Givenchy, but I REALLY love rottweilers (and own one). Unfortunately, because gen pop is so uneducated about this breed, they wouldn’t see its artistic perspective – they would simply see a breed stereotype. So I wouldn’t carry the bag. If it was a different image of one of the best breeds on the planet, I may have a different opinion – but not with this one.