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  • cbl

    i have a size small also and i think the strap is functional if you just push the bag back a little so it lays agains your back, not directly under your arm. hope that makes sense, i almost always use the shoulder strap and find it to be comfortable. (your shoulder strap picture is hilarious, btw)
    also, my zipper is very smooth and easy to open/close so maybe it differs on each bag?
    i totally agree that the canvas lining is rather ugly. and i think the bag is on the heavy side, even when it’s empty. overall i totally love this bag :)
    you’re so lucky you got such a great deal on this bag! i saw the one i have during the same sale and it made me feel bad :( but it was sold out already and i’m always too late to catch these sales anyway..

    • I can do that with the strap for me too but it feels so weird. I guess I just want it to look like it fits nicely, and it doesn’t do that for me. That pic was a real reaction of me telling Vlad about the strap issue – haha

  • Louch

    I had this in the small and recently sold it for some of the issues you highlighted. The zipper drove me crazy – I always worried I’d break it I had to pull so hard. I am completely a shoulder bag girl and the strap was ridiculous. As much as I love the style and look, it just ended up sitting in my cupboard. I hope you continue to live yours! I bought a Pandora instead and love it to death.

    • Sophia

      Do you mind me asking where you sold you bag? I have the medium size in black and looking for a platform to get the most for the bag.

      • monkey

        U can post at deluxe mall.sg bag rental or sg bag mall

      • Elise Ronan

        The RealReal

      • Sophia

        thank you!!

      • Antonella

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    • I love the Pandora – it’s on my list too

  • Scottsdale Kim

    I found a medium in blue at Barney’s for around $1500 and I was thrilled. When it arrived I felt like it was too large for my lifestyle. Still obsessed with owning this bag, I returned the blue medium and purchased the mini black in box calf. I’m really on the fence about this one. The silver detail on your strap is not on the mini and that is a feature that I liked. The strap is not long enough to be used as a cross body which you would expect on a mini bag.

    • A mini shoulder have a crossbody strap, I agree – and that little silver detail is nice

    • Walian

      I bought my mini black with silver hardware in the Givenchy boutique (I heard it’s the only one in north america) in Las Vegas last month. I was going for the smooth leather, but they only had the calf. I also like the silver detail on the larger size Antigona, but well, I still very much like the shape of this bag. My mini has longer strap unlike the older version, it is adjustable on both ends of the strap. I am 5’4 for your reference and the strap is long enough to wear crossbody very comfortably.

  • Taki

    Where can I get this in medium online? It seems like all store I look online only have black, medium blue, and night blue in stock..

    • In this color? Or what are you looking for?

      • taki

        Yes in this bag and in this color, but in size medium.

      • I haven’t seen it around – this pale pink was kind of hard to track down

  • ksy

    I resisted this bag for a long time as well. I am very surprised but I LOVE this bag. One of the reasons I thought twice about getting this bag was the very short shoulder strap (and I am a shoulder strap girl). It seemed so akward. Much to my surprise the shoulder strap is why I keep using it. Normally I go for cross bodies because I have very narrow shoulders and my bags always keep sliding off my shoulder. The strap is so short the the bag almost wedges in and it keeps it from falling. So to my fellow narrow shoulder girls, run and get this bag. My only complaint is that it can get heavy after awhile.

    • Ah it fits your shoulder! That’s great. I just feel like it looks weird as I try to put it on my shoulder and either the handles stick straight out my back or up into my armpit

  • Amanda

    I know you have mentioned in the past that you’re not incredibly comfortable in front of the camera, but by the looks of that last photo I’d never know it! Stunning.

    Love the mani too, btw.

    • Thanks Amanda, appreciate that! There were some really not so great photos but that one is really nice.

      Mani is Tom Ford and then OPI glitter – gotta figure out the exact color, it’s pretty!

  • Mya Wilkes

    Nice purseonal. I have been eying the Antigona for a long while myself but I can never seem to take the plunge. Price aside, like you said the long strap is completely useless and I’ve found that I prefer to have that option nowadays. In addition, every time I have gone into the store to have a look, I get turned off by the fact about the zipper being a little tough (truly you need to put your back into it just a little). I think what turns me off the most is the fact that It is somewhat hard to get into, for me at least. I find trying to put my hand in while trying it out, the way id do if I owned it and was trying to reach for something inside, the zipper always scratches my hand and I just don’t feel like I have enough comfortable room to get in.
    I love the design though, its gorgeous!

    • The zipper is quite annoying, I’m hoping as I use it more it will start to work better, but thus far it’s been annoying

      • pinksky777

        so odd! I’ve heard this zipper problem quite a bit now and I can’t understand why?? Both my black mini ant and my small dark grey are sooo smooth to get into! In fact, that’s one of the main things that my best friend said as so amazing about the bag….The fact that the zipper is so big and it just glides ilk a dream haha. This makes me curious… but beautiful bag Megs! :)

      • b

        I have had issues with purse zippers before. If you take it into a place that works on bags they can put something in the zipper, I want to say oil or grease but that sounds like a messy disaster which it isn’t. I swear. Then my zipper pulled smoothly.

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  • shueaddict

    lovely post, Megs !!! You should model more often for us :-)

    • Thank you – Vlad says the more I’m in front of the camera the more comfortable I’ll be, so with more Purseonals etc, you’ll see more of me :)

  • Sarah

    I love this purseonals Megs, mostly because of the pic of you trying on the shoulder strap – that’s hilarious! Lol

    • Haha, ya, that picture was me putting the bag on and showing Vlad how it seriously doesn’t fit right!

  • HfromT

    Megs, the expression on your face in photo #2 is absolutely PRICELESS!!! I love it when tpb reviews bags, because your reviews inevitably influence whether or not a particular bag is for me. Oh, and I cannot tell you how jealous I am about that Florida weather…you won’t want to be coming back to NYC any time soon!

    • Pic number 2 is my favorite, and I’ve got no shame putting up pouty face photos!

      Glad this is something you love – promise I’ll be doing it much more. And yes, Florida weather is so divine right now I can’t get enough of it!!!

  • ElainePG

    Meg, I’m surprised that with all the negatives, your total score came out to 4 stars. I mean, it might just do, mathematically (math is not my strong suit) but it seems to me that a useless shoulder strap and a back-breaking zipper are fairly major issues! If I were designing a handbag evaluation system, I would give more weight to usability than the “it” factor (and possibly even aesthetics). No matter how lovely a bag is, if you have to tear your rotator cuff to open & close it, that’s a deal-breaker. That said, the second-to-last picture of you holding the bag is lovely, and I can see why you fell for it. But… just a guess… it won’t be a bag you reach for very often.

    • So I recalculated it and the bag is right between 3.5-4 stars but I’m changing the bottom to 3.5 because it matches better.

      I’m being as honest as I can with my reviews because I truly want to share the pros and cons of different designers and help you figure out what’s a good next bag for you.

      The “it” factor and aesthetics are very important, because it’s probably one of the main reasons someone buys a bag. Usability is so important about making the bag work well for you.

      • ElainePG

        That’s interesting, Megs. I have never bought a bag based on the “it” factor. (Though I accept that many tPF members do). However I am, of course, highly motivated by aesthetics; if it isn’t gorgeous, I stop looking at it, no matter how functional it is. After all, Sport Sacs are quite functional… just sayin’…

        I fully appreciate the honesty of your reviews. It’s lovely to know that when you say a bag is perfect, it really IS perfect. And when it’s got problems, we can rely on you to say so.

  • grapegravity

    Good review! This gives me the heads up on the cons of this purse as I’m waiting for my small and to arrive in Anaconda~ thanks!

  • Sandy

    I was quite unhappy with the short strap, also on my small, but after using the bag for 6 months, I am very comfortable with being able to carry it on my forearm and on my shoulder I want one in black!! I have purple now. I carry it towards my back instead of under my armpit. It would be great if the small handles folded down!! Love the heavy duty zipper!

    • Has your zipper gotten a bit easier to open and close?

      • Sandy

        I never really had a problem with the zipper, but I would think that if it doesn’t loosen up you could possibly return it!

  • anon

    Just saying… Megs you are stunning!

    • Thank you! I’ve been promising more Purseonals so I hope to get more comfortable to have my photo taken. Vlad is great because he helps me figure out what looks ok for me!

  • kindled

    I wonder if this is a bag that would be worth having a leather shop make a new strap for? I’ve seen sites that match the materials and colors really well. I love this bag and it’s on my short list but geez, I like me a functional shoulder strap.

    • I was thinking to have a strap made that doesn’t match at all – Vlad has really cool camera straps that are made with woven leather or other materials and it could be interesting to have a completely different strap added! I might pursue this option – will let you know!

  • Moesha75

    I have a solution for the zipper issue! I had a Coach Legacy bag with a zipper that was super tough to zip. I took it in and the associate took a small piece of wax paper pinched the zipper and ran it back and forth on both sides. Magic!! It slides like butter now!!

  • FashionableLena

    The shoulder strap and structure were deal breakers for me. I have held and tried on this bag so many times, and it had a little too much structure. Maybe it gets softer after use. I have 2 kids that play five different sports so a functional shoulder strap is a must. I just don’t have time to fool with a bag, and handheld is not an option. But, I must say that I am loving this color.

  • ellavanw

    is anyone else having trouble reading the article? i keep getting pushed straight to the comments.

  • Great piece Megs! I really like the Antigona but I haven’t pulled the trigger yet. One of the tricks I use to open a zipper a bit easier is to use lead from a pencil on the zipper. Use it as a kind of grease. You should use just a tiny bit of lead, otherwise you could end up with smudges on your bag. Hope this helps!

  • Imgoingbroke

    I had this bag in red and it was beautiful when it was new. After ONLY one season it did not hold up well. The leather bent and creased permanently. This was very annoying because it was less than 1 year of wearing only occasionally. And as Meg stated, the shoulder strap was useless. I sold my bag and bought the Prada Argilla Saffiano tote and absolutely love it, plus the shoulder strap is 18″ long – which makes it very comfortable to wear unlike the Antigona.

  • walian

    I just bought my black mini Antigua recently in the Las Vagas Givenchy store. I really like the small size, but I don’t carry much and I need a bag that can go cross body. I heard the old mini strap can’t be a bit short for cross body, but the one I got is a newer one and can be adjustable on both ends of the strap, so it can go a lot longer and it’s perfect to go cross body for woman of different height now. I don’t have any problem with the zipper. It’s really smooth and looks quite high quality. Yes, mini is a lot smaller then the small, but it fits a regular size wallet, small umbrella, small makeup bag, Samsung Galaxy S5, pair of glaves. That’s all I need in the winter.

  • Chelle

    I just bought this bag in medium size, black with gold hardware. It’s seems a little too big for myself. Considering returning and purchasing a small but having trouble finding the same bag. Does anyone have any suggestions? Also, what is everyone’s view of calf leather versus goat? The calf with gold hardware is beautiful but not sure how it holds up over time. Does the goat leather bag ever have gold hardware?

  • theo

    Hi what brand is the zipper? is it made in italy can you tell me what its stamped in the inside I want to make sure I bought a real one because I was questioned if it was fake and I spent 2k on it

  • PheePhee Jude

    I have the medium antigona in black shiny leather, and my zipper pull just came off.. Does anyone know where I can go get it fixed? I’ve called the Madison Ave shop and left a message.. fingers crossed.. i hope i hear from someone soon.. let me know.. if anyone has ever fasted the zipper pull coming off and how you were able to get it repaired.

    • LD

      Hi PheePhee, This is a late response but I have the same exact bag and the same exact thing happened to me today! What was the resolution? Thanks! LD :]

      • PheePhee Jude

        Hi LD – well my call/email got escalated all the way to flag ship store in Europe and they said as I bought the bag off of Rue LaLa which is not one of there certified resellers they would not be able to help me. I ended up speaking with my SA at Hirschfliehers in Manhassett and she recommmeded a place for me to get it fixed and then I ended up selling both of the givenchy Antigona’s I had in collection mainly due to my dissatisfaction of Givenchy’s customer service. I sold them on Fashionphile. I probably will not be investing in a Givenchy handbag for a long time due to my experience. However if you bought your bag directly from Givenchy or say Saks or NeimannMarcus I believe you should be okay.

  • Johanna

    Hi! Looking for your reco: I’ve been studying the case and it seems Antigona sizes are a bit tricky. Small is actually Medium and Medium is pretty Big to me. Not sure what to do, I’m tall but again Medium seems really big… Your thoughts/experience?

  • Aida Abd Karim

    I super Love my Antigona! Never had any problems with the zipper and the latest version of Antigona has a slightly longer shoulder strap. Though seriously i do not mind that my shoulder strap is the old shorter version. The bag gives a certain air- classy & chic. Def worth every penny as i got mine at 40% off! Bargain! The crazy me is actually thinking of getting a second antigona in grain goatskin!