As smartphone screens (and by extension, the smartphones they’re attached to) get larger, it seems like clutches are getting smaller. Sure, I can take the case off my iPhone and wedge it into most of them, but then I have a naked iPhone! Don’t these people know how much anxiety a naked iPhone gives me? I worked in an electronics store in college. Nothing good can come of a naked phone, especially one with two glass faces.

Which brings me to the Givenchy Star-Embellished Minaudiere, the subject of today’s installment of Fill in the Blank. With the size and opening structure of this clutch, exactly how much can you expect to fit into it? Enough to actually leave the house without a second bag? Stand back everyone, I’m about to do some math.

Barneys advertises the bag as seven inches tall, although it doesn’t stipulate whether or not that includes the handle or just the body of the bag. If it includes the handle, give up and go home – there’s no hope for fitting anything inside. If that seven inches is only the body of the bag, though, that means that the mirror-lined door is 4.55 inches tall, larger than the height of a naked iPhone 4S. (If you have an iPhone 5, which is taller, you’re on your own for the math.) At a slim 1.5 inches thick, including the structure of the clutch itself, I certainly hope you don’t need more than your house key, ID, a credit card and a folded-up $20. If you’ve got an especially bulbous car key, you might be out of luck.

So riddle me this, PurseBloggers – what would you fit in this clutch, if you were presented with such a challenged?

If you’d like to take the challenge in real life, you can pick up the bag for $3,995 via Barneys.

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