Did you know that Shopbop has been an online destination for fashionistas for more than two decades? I don’t recall a time in my life without Shopbop, in fact, the birth of Shopbop was also around the same time that I created my very first AOL screen name, and I must have discovered Shopbop sometime thereafter. I know Shopbop as the place to go for everything. The variety is unmatched in both basics and on-trend items, from accessories and shoes to clothes and more. Not to mention, Shopbop’s shipping is incredibly fast, and that’s what’s brought us here today. If you’re still in the market for a last-minute gift, don’t fret! Shopbop has you covered with something for everyone, from the guy in your life to the pal that just bought a new home and your Instagram-loving BFF. We did a little digging for you if you’re looking for some inspiration. Want to make sure it comes on time? Order today with domestic 2-day shipping (free for Amazon Prime members!).

For the Girly-Girly

For the Trendsetter

For the Interior-Obsessed

For Him

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6 months ago

Is this post sponsored? I thought the FTC ruled that ads/partnerships/sponsorships must be labeled as such, and this post reads like a giant ad for the Amazon-owned site.

6 months ago
Reply to  hiffa

PB is very upfront when they have sponsored posts and collaborations with brands. They’ve also been transparent that part of their revenue comes from affiliate sales, where they get a small cut of your purchase value when a PB reader clicks a link on the site and completes an order on Shopbop, Nordstrom, Net a Porter, wherever.

Of course the partial point of these posts is to get you to click and buy stuff. But that’s a pretty typical business model for blogs, especially when the readers are getting all this content FOR FREE.

6 months ago
Reply to  C L

Forgot to add that affiliate link posts aren’t sponsored ads so the same disclosure requirements don’t apply. Buzzfeed does this, heck even the NYT’s wirecutter and countless others. Otherwise, hard to make a living generating free content in this digital media landscape!

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