Just a minor update. Vlad and I are in part of the path of Tropical Storm Fay. We do not expect a direct hit and should be just fine, but we may lose power. So if you do not hear from us, we are just sitting in our house playing Jenga by lantern light while eating canned soup and chips. Hopefully the power will not go out though and all will be good!

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  • Jaclyn Renee

    Fear not my friend, your loyal compatriot will come to your rescue on my motor-raft. Perhaps in the midst of the floods and storm I could catch myself a little stingray. I have developed a taste for an exotic new friend, and I might be able to save a few hundred bucks on the Jalda clutch if we can scoop one up! Power and patron are on and flowing at my place, the blog must go on!!!

  • windowshopping

    Me too!

    I really despise not knowing what will happen. But I don’t think the power will go out. *knocks on wood*

  • I think Southeast Florida is in the clear now! Hope all in Western Florida are good!

  • Julie

    Unfortunately, I live in it’s direct path at this point, so I am keeping my fingers crossed for the best… :???:

  • spoiled_brat

    Stay safe, everybody!

    But canned soup and chips sounds a little extreme, no? :lol:

    • We have it in place in case the power goes… but we are using the oven and stove now :wink:

  • We’re getting tons of rain here in Miami, but nothing major, thank goodness.
    I hope you all are OK!!!

  • chloebagfreak

    Megs and Vlad, I hope you are OK and my prayers are with you and the other families affected!

  • jt

    be careful!! :sad: