We have been hard at work on the new design for Purse Blog (Purse Forum’s new design to follow)! We did an entire site overhaul. The header is smaller, being able to showcase more content right when you visit the site. We decided to go for a more streamlined look, dropped off the bright colors, and brought it a more magazine feel. The content is now left aligned, banners, recent news, and ads are on the right of the page. We added a new footer to the bottom, to show you our most recent posts, most popular posts, latest reviews, and news from our sister sites (on its way!).

We hope you like the new design! We have a new site coming this week, the sister site of Purse Blog, and the forum re-design should be up tomorrow.

Take a look around and let us know what you think!

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Share Your Thoughts With Us

  • sarah

    I LOVE THIS!!!!!

  • Anoka

    I love it! It is a gorgeous new setup, amazing job you guys!!

  • Whoa!!! Very cool, Megs and Vlad.
    Tres chic!

  • So glad you like it!! We are really happy with the design… a new look, a makeover :)

  • I like positive feedback! There is still some kinks to be worked out, but overall I am liking it already!

  • caribbeangator

    LOVE IT!!!! :)

  • pursecrzy

    Looks great!

  • Christine

    Love it!!

  • Angie

    Very nice! Love it!!

  • This looks nice, but there should be more handbags on at the opening….it is after all the PURSEblog! When I first opened it, I thought I was at the wrong place, just saw a bunch of shoes.

    What happened to “Hermes” in The Brands section on the right? Don’t tell me you forgot H????

    Other than that, looks GREAT!

  • ^ Vlad FORGOT Hermes!!!!! He is fixing it!

    The shoes at the top are on some banner ads… I am going to have Vlad look into changing that to find handbag ads. Thanks Hermesmonkey!

  • LOVES it…it seems every blog is doing a redo of the layout… love the color

  • Jamie

    Great job, Megs, Vlad and everyone else in your team! I like the new look.

    I design websites as a hobby so I know about all the hardwork and sweat that must have gone into this. Keep up the good work!

  • marie-marie

    Love the new layout. Thanks for your hard work!!!

  • armbasket

    The layout is spectacular! Thank you for all you do to make our handbag passion come to life!

  • coachgrl

    The NEW site looks Great, I Love the magazine layout!

    Thanks for ALL of your HARD Work, Always!

  • mrs.bitwit

    LOVE the new layout! Great job, guys :)

  • ChristineNY

    It’s lovely! Congrats, Megs & Vlad. Can’t wait to see what’s next!

  • Love the new streamlined design. You did a beautiful job! Much more contemporary and sophisticated!!

  • Balthus

    Looking good. Will be taking for a test drive tonight. All the best!

  • dela

    Love it! Love it! Love it!
    Simple and Elegant.

  • littlemisskitty

    It looks more like an adult version now ;) though I really liked the butterflies in the last version…but Ihave to admit: this design rocks!

  • Thistle

    Um, guys? I’ve suddenly been logged out of the forum and am no longer being recognized as valid user id or password, and e-mail, but it still inputs it automatically here. Is this a glitch?

  • Thistle

    Oh, and I like the new design! It says “I am an adult who just happens to play with bags!” ;) I do agree about the shoe ads though; they are a bit confusing to see at first glance, ’cause of how they’re on top and all.

  • Thistle

    Never mind about the log in. And the shoe ads have been replaced with a purse ad! Yay!

  • baby boo

    I LOVE IT MEGS!!! ive been here since the beggining and i have to say this is the nicest sooo far.. VERY elegenat GREAT job you guys!

  • dimon

    It looks great, however I liked it very much before too.
    If you are going for more of a magazine style, I have seen in monthly American Bazaar and in weekly French Elle “What outfit for what age”. How about: What bag for what age? Perhaps, with pictures of handbags and opinions from some designers. For example, a couple of months ago Ines de la Fressange made a statement in Elle about 40-50 year old women leaving that crocodile skin, rigid handbag at home for a decade because it ages them and to use a more casual style. I have no idea what the typical age of your audience is but maybe 20-50+? I know I would be interested to see such an article or regular feature (if you haven’t already done it!)

  • mel_mel1004

    Purseblog looks so stylish and sophisticated! Can’t wait to see what the forum is gona be like!

  • kamania

    The new layout is cool. I love it.

    Thanks Megs and Vlad.

  • Livia

    Love the new look … crazy about the blue color!
    In ‘The Brands’ section, I’m guessing Mliberry bags is really Mulberry bags ;-9

  • handbag-lover

    Definate improvement, as you know I’m new to the site. This is much better. I love it. Well done all, I’ll have a look at the forum now.

  • Mimi

    The site looks great! Love the new look and design!

  • Cindy Maher

    Wow! It looks real nice! You guys have been hard at work!!

  • pursefan

    I like it – the new site definitly has style, although the “old” was very good too. I was just wondering: You can´t tell anymore, if someone answered to a post. For example, I wrote something a couple of weeks ago to a statement dimon wrote (a few months ago) at the two croc birkins you had displayed. But still – thanks once more for giving all of us pursefans a place to come to and share our passion. ;-)

  • eleonora

    the new design is sooooo classy!!
    i love it!
    good job guys!

  • brigid

    I love it…looks great! This is WAY easier for me to read! Thanks!

  • sooki

    very nice! like the simplicity and it’s easy to maneuver. great job! yes it does have a magazine page feel too.

  • Chiffre

    The new version of PurseBlog is great, you Two!
    Good job!
    Though I do sort of miss the old version, this new rendition is a little more grown-up.
    The blue background is to die for, though. With my current screen colour settings, it reminds me of your Jean Blue Birkin, Megs!
    Was there some subconscious inspiration? :P

  • ^ Chiffre, I love the color…. maybe since I have always loved blue it was some sort of subconscious choice!

    To 34, Pursefan, we can no longer have the reply to comments on the posts. When a post had too many comments it was really causing issues and bogging down the site. I think now we just need to put to the post number/name for the comment

  • To Dimon, I LOVE that idea!!!! I will start to see if I can put something together!

  • @Livia:

    The Mulberry link was fixed, thanks for pointing it out!

  • smallpaperbird

    looks nice! now the real question is, when do we get our search back?

  • smallpaperbird, the search is right up in the header of the page on the right.

  • love new design, more space for the contents…

  • i love it! =)

  • lulu

    Very classy.

  • Beautylicious

    Love the new streamlined look, well done! Can’t wait to see how the forum is gonna look like.

  • Windy

    I am going to step out on a limb here. When I first logged in, I missed the old familiar look. I don’t take well to change. I can’t help, it is just part of me. I am not a totally flexible person, I realize. It is kind of like someone rearranging your room while you were gone for the day and you did not know they were going to do it really. It does look more sophisticated. The first thing I see is the stark black header with shoes and it confuses me for a purseblog. I do appreciate all the effort. It will just take me a while to adjust…….

  • cathealey

    Exquisite! Bravo!

  • Tamara – tabogon

    Love it…It looks great!!! Good job guys :)

  • ellen

    it looks fab!

  • missy

    Love it! Very professional.

  • fabulous

    now imust say i am so honored to be apart of this site allowing us to showcase our ridiculously expensive purchases that brings us joy……..i so totally love the new look……..FABULOUS JOB MEGS and VLAD you guys are awesome

  • pursefan

    To Megs (39.) – That´s alright, I understand. I only asked, because you guys wrote, that there were still a couple of things to be fixed. ;-) Thanks for answering.

  • bindc

    Love the new look. Noticed first thing this morning and then went back to read the post about it.


  • kq

    i love it! but miss the old “discuss in purse forum” link in addition to the comments (i know you took this away a while ago). otherwise i love it!

  • Pursefan, I miss it too!!! But it seemed to make everything go haywire, so Vlad said it needed to go… too bad :(

  • pursefan

    To Megs (57.) What does Vlad know ;-) ? – I know he is your fiancee (nice ring by the way, if it´s your hand holding that adorable orange croc h-wallet) – but on the other hand, he forgot Hermès ;-). Just kidding, it´s really not that big of a problem. Adressing people directly and referring to their post should be manageable. There is one thing, that´s been really bugging me: I´m quite disappointed with Louis Vuitton and their joke bags and I was wondering how the other (I guess mostly female) purse lovers here felt about those? I consider myself to have quite a sense of humor, but (lame) misogynic jokes on rather expensive purses??? So, let me know…

  • pursefan

    PS: I know, those purses where only a seasonal thing, but still – I just find them tasteless and somewhat insulting. I wouldn´t want my husband to buy me a “piece of art” like that. And I also wouldn´t spend my own hard earned money on it either. They have so many classy and timeless bags, some others are, well, but those joke bags really made me upset and show a side of LV, I never expected. O. k, sorry, for writing so much, but I just really had to let it out and now I feel a lot better.

  • Martina_Italy

    I haven’t checked tPF for a few days and this morning I am so surprised..I LOVE the new design!!!! I have to get used to it, but I like it!!! Can’t wait to see the sister blog!!!!!

  • jap4life

    Oh WOWZA! This looks great! I can’t believe how this site has evolved from 2005.

  • doubtfulguest

    Holy poop! I quit obsessing for a week then come back to this?! It looks amazing. Bravo.

  • Windy

    I posted last week stating I missed the old look of the purseblog. I would just like to say even though I am not one to take quickly to change, I have certainly taken quickly to the change of the new design. The more I looked at the site, the more beautiful I find the new design. The blue wallpaper look is certainly my favorite part! It is gorgeous. Thank you guys for bringing the site an air of sophistication that matches the luxury handbags that are featured here. You are to be commended!!

  • Very Good Site

  • Jonny was here

  • this is be cool 8)