numbersThe Purse Blog in Numbers. 35 months of blogging. 12 writers contributed 2144 posts containing 513,702 words. These posts attracted 14,004 comments, totaling 464,716 words. This month Resident Purse Blogger Meaghan wrote 63 posts with an average of 254 words per post. The conversation rate was 8 comments (254 words) per post. Last Wednesday, the domain received 51,715 unique visitors, attributing 591,767 page views. Since its creation in February of 2005, we’ve received 213,241,742 page views. Also last Wednesday, our Forum counted 13,037 new posts by 7,193 logged users in 624 new discussion threads. 250 new people signed up for a membership, top contributing member is Lvbabydoll with 25,776 posts. The most active thread is the Authenticate This LV thread with 60,506 replies and 792,404 views.

If you are a dork like me, those numbers make your senses tickle. If not, you may still like to learn something about this site you didn’t know about. If you recognize the complex mathematical formula in the picture, leave a comment and you may win a cookie!

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  • Pretty cool numbers :cool:

  • fashionista7

    Is that how the Dow Jones Ind. Average is calculated?

  • abilicious

    Those are derivatives! :lol:
    That’s challenging my Engineering courses! Yay for Purse Blog! :wink:

  • abilicious

    I’ll find out if those are integral or partial derivatives. But those sure are Derivatives in Calculus!!! This got me excited! So – does this say I’m a fellow dork! lol! :lol:

  • coachwife6

    I’m a dork like you and those numbers are pretty cool. Congrats on seeing this thing through and continuing to make improvements.
    Valerie :smile:

  • Deanna Belli

    I absolutely love this blog, and joined this past year. My question is, who has the time to chat so much? I am very jealous because I work and usually have time to enjoy reading the blog, but not enough time for lots of entries. Thanks to those devoted who can and do, you sure make it fun for all of us!!

  • Caroline

    Congrats for these numbers!
    keep growing for the next count down

  • Caroline

    Congrats for these numbers!
    keep growing for the next count down

  • bellabirds DH

    “If my calculus background serves me correctly:Derivatives! ”
    (DH is so excited he finally contributed something to tPF)

    Vlad, DH would like his cookie now, please :mrgreen:

  • Andrea

    This site rocks! love it.

  • thisismypurse

    Many congrats. It would be fun if you published these every so often in a Harpers Index type style:

  • shanbop

    WOW!!!! Way to go purseblog!!! I am also oh so excited to geeky numbers. Numbers make the world go ’round. :mrgreen:

  • Candace

    UHHH VLAD…you forgot to mention that 80% of the unique visitors in the last week are due to the KINOKI FOOT PAD thread :mrgreen:

  • lily j.

    Help!! Sorry to go a bit off topic, but I have been unable to contact through the site and decided to try through here. I am having trouble accessing tPF since I forgot my password a week ago. The reset didn’t work. (never sent me a new password) Please contact me and let me know how to fix it. Thanks!

  • LVBabydoll

    I’m hereby embarassed at my post count…I’d like to knock it down by a few thousand lol.