How many times have you heard that patience is a virtue? I attempt to be patient in all walks of life, but when it comes to waiting for the mail man to bring me a much anticipated package I can not control myself. Typically I do not even go down the route of ordering a bag online; shocker, right? I prefer going to the store, picking the item, and leaving with a big shopping bag and a big smile. But last week I began to yearn for a new little treat and the treat that I settled on is being shipped to me now. It is funny because the item is not something I thought I would get anytime soon, rather it is a holy grail of sorts. But when I heard that it *may* be available and then found out that indeed it was not sold, but waiting for me, I had to say yes. There was no way I could decline an item like this. It is not a large purse, rather a clutch/wallet. The material is beyond divine and the color is iconic. But I will not share the exact details until this divine design arrives to me (middle of this week).

So what do you do to pass the time when waiting for a coveted purchase? Do you order many bags to have them sent to you? Do you have anything fabulous waiting to arrive (or are on a wait list for)?

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