How many times have you heard that patience is a virtue? I attempt to be patient in all walks of life, but when it comes to waiting for the mail man to bring me a much anticipated package I can not control myself. Typically I do not even go down the route of ordering a bag online; shocker, right? I prefer going to the store, picking the item, and leaving with a big shopping bag and a big smile. But last week I began to yearn for a new little treat and the treat that I settled on is being shipped to me now. It is funny because the item is not something I thought I would get anytime soon, rather it is a holy grail of sorts. But when I heard that it *may* be available and then found out that indeed it was not sold, but waiting for me, I had to say yes. There was no way I could decline an item like this. It is not a large purse, rather a clutch/wallet. The material is beyond divine and the color is iconic. But I will not share the exact details until this divine design arrives to me (middle of this week).

So what do you do to pass the time when waiting for a coveted purchase? Do you order many bags to have them sent to you? Do you have anything fabulous waiting to arrive (or are on a wait list for)?

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  • Fate

    Oooh, Megs! Tell me – is it an exotic? Wouldn’t be a KP in potiron or a box leather, would it? :wink:

  • Well… it is not a KP. But you are quite close!

    • Fate

      Then it’s a Kelly wallet? In potiron! Chevre maybe? Or lizzy? Do tell! I’m so excited!

    • priss

      My bet is on a croc kelly

  • gypsumrose

    Honestly, I go to the forum & tell everyone about it and get them anxious for my mail too. :) Peruse pictures of it online, dream about it, basically do everything I can to NOT get it out of my mind. It’s awfully torturous. And no, nothing good coming right now, though I am desperately searching for a bag that you own.

    • Which bag that I own??

      I am ANXIOUS over this new purchase! And super super excited. It is quintessential to the brand that I bought from, both the color and material :mrgreen:

      • gypsumrose

        The lovely Wine Matinee by Ms. Minkoff.. :)

        I’m excited about your newest bag! You have an amazing collection that I could only hope to imagine one day…

    • fabulous

      I’m waiting for my SA to call me about the LV alma MM in pomme I live in CT and make all my purchases in the Boston LV so i’m always waiting for my goodies. My Fedex guy is my best friend.I cant wait to see what you are waiting for Megs is it the LV limelight clucth?

  • Elizabeth

    I am waiting on a custom Ignes bag that should arrive from Uruguay in about 2 weeks! I can’t wait to see it after picking all the materials out!

    • That is exciting!! I have been hearing more about Ignes but need to look into the brand myself

  • Beth

    The best part is waiting, because once it gets there, the excitment seems to fade rather quick. Luckily I have two jobs to help me pass the time. I never have a moment to be impatient.

  • bryanboy

    I’m patiently waiting (and saving!!!!!!) for the Marc Jacobs BB bag that’s going to be out soon!

    • Shouldn’t he give you one for free??? I want to see more pics of the BB bag!

  • spoiled_brat

    Is it a KL?

  • spoiled_brat

    Eeh… never mind. I just remembered you already have one.

    Something H, though.

    • You are right about it not being a repeat… and being H :cool:

  • Kenny

    Bottega Veneta Box clutch? You’ve posted about it a few times :mrgreen: .

    • Ohh I almost forgot about that!! I def want one still… but no t this time

  • AJC

    Ahhh, so it will be an orange box!! WOW, can’t wait for the reveal! Could it be some exotic skin? Megs you’re killing us… :smile:

    • Yes to the orange box… :grin:

      Trust me, I am as excited as all of you!!! I have yet to see this combo in person, so I am REALLY giddy

  • Nicholai

    Let me guess…Lindy in black o Kelly in orange…
    Am I right?
    Both STUNNING! :razz:

    • Smaller bag, more of an accessory… but one of the colors you said is right!

  • AJC

    It will be orange then – the signature H color! Yikes… Vlad is marrying such a tease :lol: BTW: how’s the planning going? I’ve been out of the TPF loop for a while, did you start a thread on this, Megs?

    • No thread yet… the venue we want is booked until July of 09, which is horrible weather in Florida! So we are planning for October, 2009 unless a different date opens up!

      We will start to get into all the details soon I am sure, so I will post all about it!

  • lightblue84

    kelly jpg black box ph????

  • wgs

    Is it the Hermes Medor clutch????? how fab!

  • wgs

    Is it the Hermes Medor clutch????? how fab! :smile:

    • Not quite… but getting closer!

  • wgs

    hmmmmm. hermes kelley wallet? the suspense is killing me

  • Kimberly

    Waiting for a Tiffany neckerchief to arrive, hopefully tomorrow.

  • Someone is really close!

    I am thinking it may arrive tomorrow… suspense is killing me!!!

  • aveeno

    All of my bags are shipped to me. It drives me crazy. The worst part about it is I am so impatient that I usually pay for 1 day shipping. If a bag has not been launched yet, I always end up ordering a bag to hold me over.

    I am waiting for a bag on July 1st and then two more in September so today I ordered the LV vernis alma in amarantine just to hold me over for 2 weeks.

    • I feel your pain!!! The ordering and waiting drives me nuts. The piece that I am waiting for was ordered on Friday… so it won’t get here until Wednesday, which bums me out so much!

  • hunniebunch’s the kelly ligne wallet. i saw one at H chicago in white. wheeew. and then they showed me a lindy in lagon, i almost fainted. but my guess is it’s the kelly ligne in signature Hermes orange. aaacckkk!! i’m excited for you!!!

    btw, i’m waiting for my dolce DVF sandals. but your order is waaay much more excited!!! :shock:

  • hunniebunch’s a kelly ligne signature H orange. wooow!!!!
    i went to H chicago, they showed me one in white, then next is a lindy in lagon. i almost fainted. OMG i wish i have boxes of money for H purchases. LOL

    btw, i’m waiting for my dolce DVF sandals. but this is nothing compared to your order. =)

  • pursechazer

    Is it an orange Kelly longe???? :?:

  • pursehound

    I’m thinking something in orange croc. Does the Kelly long wallet come in crocodile?

    I googled “orange croc” to find a pic and came up with this (I know it’s not this!!)

  • lqyb

    Hi Meg,happy for I can share my ”waiting pain” with you.I’ve been waiting for my H Bbags for a week friend got it,[the 30cm rosdragee veau swift]in France.once a day I checked some pictures…soon,the store will take the exotic skin order…waiting,waiting,I like the pain waiting….

  • hawaii2484

    i bet it’s something exotic…..nancy gonzalez? i remember reading your previous nancy gonzalez posts’ and how you coveted some yummy exotic.

  • Someone is pretty much right on the money! You will all see soon enough my new beauty!

  • Nicholai

    OMG! You`re kllig me here Meg..Im waiting for your clutch to arrive. I`m getting so ANXIOUS!

    • I am quite anxious too!!!! Should be here today if all goes according to plan!

  • Lycn4717

    I’m so impatient, as well. I’m currently waiting for my vanilla speedy to make its sweet little way over here to CA from Hong Kong.. I can’t can’t can’t wait for it to arrive.. I find myself wanting to purchase more bags AS I wait just to help satisfy the urge.. (bad isn’t it? :oops: ) But ebay is actually helping to keep me occupied.. I know I’m most likely not going to win, because my max bid is insanely low, but it is really helping to pass the time. I think I have 1 to 2 more days left.. Its in the US now.. in transit.. Sigh….

  • Lisa

    I am the worst at waiting……I ‘stalk’ my bags all the way to the door via the tracking number. And sometimes, I still have to go out and buy a little accessory or something to tide me over until the beloved UPS man arrives at my door! I don’t know how you can stand the wait for something H! Sadly, I have nothing in transit, so I will sit here and bite my nails waiting for your package to arrive!

  • I am SO bummed because I thought the bag was coming today but did not!!!!

    • lilyhermes

      IT’S A NEW DAY! Have you spotted the delivery truck yet? Are you waiting in the driveway in your nightie!

      I think we’ve decided that it’s an Hermes Kelly wallet in signature orange (maybe an exotic, yikes!), and we can’t wait to see it. If, indeed, it is orange, it will look great in that blue jean Birkin.

      Hope it’s your lucky day – TODAY!

  • sndc99

    Waiting for my Mulberry as we speak….It should be here soon

  • Brooke

    I am waiting for 3 pairs of shoes…ugh the wait is killing me! :mad:

  • S

    I just purchased a black leather Furla bag today and can’t wait for it to arrive. I love Italian leather! I too will be “stalking” my bag in transit with the tracking number. :wink:

  • article3

    Did you get an Orange Kelly Wallet (in box, I assume, since you said so earlier)? Or an Orange Jige?

    • Quite close!!!!

      I am so anxious… can not wait any longer!!

      • article3

        A mini Jige?? Warmer or colder? LOL!

  • emememem

    Where is it?? What is it??? :???:

  • sugarcookie72

    I thoroughly enjoy seeing new eyecandy and I’m very curious to know what treat you’re anxiously waiting for. :grin:

    As for me I have NO PATIENCE whatsoever. I try never to do any type of waiting or waitlisting because I am well aware that I will annoy myself, the SA, my hubby and any other unlucky body who happens to be around while my current object of desire is in transit. Thanks to the purseforum I’m usually able to get my goodies as soon as the first batch comes in. In the rare event that I have to place a mail order, it’s going to have to be overnighted or I will surely die of anxiety…just kidding :mrgreen: .

  • Taibah

    Kelly longue in gold chevre with palladium? … wow