no internet

Just a mini update, from the internet-less world. We are in what I would imagine my mother’s childhood to be like. Only worse. There are no friends outside to go play with and my peanut butter and jelly sandwich would taste so much better next to the internet filled computer. Somehow, Comcast did not believe that our new address existed. Which meant they would not come out and hook it up. Which means no internet. Which means sitting in the far corner of our place huddled by the window attempting to mooch off our neighbors un-password protected ‘default’ network. This is like pulling teeth. And of course my lap top does not want to connect to the shoddy offering, so I am on Vlad’s lap top, and it feels so alien. So this is why there have not been any additional posts nor have Vlad or I been on the forum much. We have been like a thorn in the side of Comcast, so it appears that if all goes according to plan we will be up and running again on Wednesday. Until then we have to drop by Starbucks or go on our iPhones, which are both slow and frustrating. Thanks for being patient! We will be back in business shortly.

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  • Label Ho

    LOL! That picture made me laugh. Its exactly what I probably look like when my Internet is down.

  • Chiffre

    I was beginning to wonder “what happened to the two of you?!?!” and “i need my purseblog fix NOOOW”. I’m glad the both of you are safe. Well, minus the agonizing pain of being internet-less, of course.

  • Thanks!!! It has been extremely frustrating. The problem is with moving in and having so many different deliveries, we are confined to the home. And since we are confined to the home, we are not getting out to Starbucks, an internet cafe, etc. So really, it feel SO weird! Good thing we found this weak signal of ‘default’ in the living loom!!! :mrgreen:

  • gonghe

    Hang in there! I know it’s sooooo frustrating to be “disconnected” from the outside world! Thanks for the update and will be looking forward to your return on Wednesday.

  • hawaii2484

    take your time, it’s all good.

  • Cindy Maher

    I can completely relate. I had internet or should I say lack of internet issues, from last Sunday until Wednesday. I know I get way too attached to the internet and have a horrible time when it’s not working.

  • Black Beauty

    Good luck and I hope all of your deliveries arrive smoothly! Don’t worry, you’ll be back in the internet world shortly!

  • wenndy

    lol that happened to me last night .. Here by my town it happens all the time and i hate it.. ive changed to many companies! so sad :cry: hope you get internet soon!

  • Isaac

    Isn’t it amazing how much we have come to rely on the internet? More and more ppl are using the internet for bill pay, shopping, making travel plans, bloggin, research, etc. It isn’t until Comcast gets a bug and the internet goes down or never gets up in Meg and Vlad’s case that we realize we have become basically helpless without. Thankfully more and more cities are being “wired” so that anywhere you are there is internet!

  • iluvmybags

    so sorry to hear that — I know how much that sucks!! Have you thought about connecting your computer to a phone line and using dial up temporarily? you can use one of those aol 30 day free offers OR they sell prepaid time cards (similar to a phone card). When we first got our computer, we had to wait a week for comcast to come out & hook us up, and that what we did — sure it’s slower, but its better than no internet at all!

  • Pursegrrl

    No internet? Yikes, might as well shut off the electricity and water…we’re all so dependent on it now!!

    Hugs to you and thanks for your incredible gift to us of tPF.
    XXXOO PGal

  • Kelly_Birkin

    Thanks for letting us know. :)
    I’m glad I was able to post yesterday. :)

    To those who celebrate it, I hope everyone
    has a nice Memorial Day tomorrow. :)

  • [coco]

    ouch – no internet :shock:
    Hope the rest of your move runs smoothly and hassle free!

  • Brennamom

    Oh how can we do maintenance with no internet?? The horror! Please get back up soon, going through withdrawl :sad: . Thanks!

  • kar126

    oh… I can totally relate. A couple years back I went to visit my grand parents in the country side for a week and of course they didn’t have internet nor a computer… and back than labtops weren’t thin and easy to carry around like the ones we have now… so I went for a week without internet AND computer. I was only surviving on basic cable and newspapers…. I feel your pain. I hope comcast will soon fix the problem. Try asking for an escalation to a manager, usually that does speed things up. Good luck!

  • Lescoy

    Its SO frustrating – if my internet goes ‘down’ I feel like someone cut off my arms!! Its awful!! Just goes to show how much we all depend on it.

    Hope you are back online soon – and just know we’re all thinking of you – :smile: