no internet

Just a mini update, from the internet-less world. We are in what I would imagine my mother’s childhood to be like. Only worse. There are no friends outside to go play with and my peanut butter and jelly sandwich would taste so much better next to the internet filled computer. Somehow, Comcast did not believe that our new address existed. Which meant they would not come out and hook it up. Which means no internet. Which means sitting in the far corner of our place huddled by the window attempting to mooch off our neighbors un-password protected ‘default’ network. This is like pulling teeth. And of course my lap top does not want to connect to the shoddy offering, so I am on Vlad’s lap top, and it feels so alien. So this is why there have not been any additional posts nor have Vlad or I been on the forum much. We have been like a thorn in the side of Comcast, so it appears that if all goes according to plan we will be up and running again on Wednesday. Until then we have to drop by Starbucks or go on our iPhones, which are both slow and frustrating. Thanks for being patient! We will be back in business shortly.


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