Anna CooperbergIf you are following us on Twitter you know that we have a new member helping out the Purse Blog team. Anna will be assisting and contributing to various aspects of Purse Blog over the summer.

Below you will find a bit about her and make sure to join me in welcoming her to this amazing community!

Hello everyone! I’m Anna, and I’m so excited to be interning at Purse Blog. I’m a rising sophomore at Columbia University, where I most enjoy my classes in Italian, French, and computer science. Of course, a major perk of living in New York City is the fashion! One of my favorite things to do, besides sneakily reading US Weekly, is practice aerial fabric and contortion. I love handbags, obviously, walking in Central Park with friends, quesadillas, and anything in royal purple. And because this is Purse Blog, I’d like to add that my favorite handbag brand is Goyard.

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  • hunterspoint2

    Welcome Anna. I had to respond when I saw you were at Columbia University (my alma mater is Barnard). When I was there Columbia was only male so I am sure things have changed.
    Welcome and Goodluck

  • renee

    Welcome Anna! What a fun summer gig! (Oops just gave away that I am damn old…)

  • 19yearslater

    Hey, Anna! Welcome!

  • Say it with me folks – “HI ANNA!!!”

  • oo oo bufbuf

    Welcome Anna!

  • ztainthecity


  • Adriana Castro

    Anna, welcome!


  • Dawn

    welcome anna!!! :)

  • Alesia

    Welcome Anna,
    I always get excited when I meet someone from the Columbia or Barnard community. I am a rising senior at Barnard, see you around the internets and campus lol! :)

  • Patrick

    I’m so proud of you! You are going to do a great job at PurseBlog! You are such a talented little intern! I can’t wait to see you in “The Devil Wears Prada 2”! Chao.

  • luvhautecouture

    Very cool!! Welcome and Have fun!!

  • Anna’s #1 Fanna

    Anna Banana in the purse cabana, she’ll teach you stuff you neva knew cause she aint no foo’ shes a coo’ girl ya know, don’t suck cause she’ll blow you away with her style and her grace and shes got a small frame but her heart aint the same its much bigger and happier, two times the sappier full of warmth and of purses, so watch out you nurses cause anna is here, so lets raise our beer–to ANNA!

  • Anna

    Thanks everyone!!! I’m so happy to be at PurseBlog this summer :)
    Esp many (K)s to Pat and John!

  • Sweet Pea

    Welcome to tpf Anna!!!

  • Sami

    Good luck Anna, I’m sure you’re going to do fine and bring your own personality to the website. Have a great summer!!!

  • Catherine D

    Annnnnnnnna! This is so cool!

  • Jennifer Brix

    Anna I wish you nothing but the best!! I’m quite proud of you! I know this is a perfect fit for my fellow alumnus =)

  • Jennifer Brix

    I wish you nothing but the best Anna! I know this is an exciting opportunity =). I’m soo proud of my fellow Durham Academy alumnus!

  • Sharon D

    Anna! What a perfect opportunity for you! Have fun! Sharon D (Catherine’s mom)

  • So glad to have you here Anna!!!! We are really looking forward to having you work with us this summer :)

  • Sher

    Anna, Welcome. Thanks for mentioning Goyard. I have a couple of their bags and love them. One is the Goyard Saigon, bought at Barneys. A truly beautiful and unique bag.If you aren’t familiar with this style, it is worth a look!

  • boobeary

    Welcome! Quesadillas and purses bring people together. Megs and Vlad, I want to work with you too!

  • Anna

    Thank you for the comments everyone!
    And Sher, I LOVE the Goyard Saigon. I almost got it for my mom last year :)

  • Lizzy

    Anna! You’re amazing and I miss you! I love that you reviewed my bag. I am jealous of how much fun you must be having this summer ;) I will be reading all of your reviews.

  • Kasia

    A Little Belated but just the same, Purse blog you’re so lucky to have the amazingly talented Anna! I look forward to enjoying this awesome website…