Vlad and I decided to make the Purse Blog a little more interactive. To do this, we have opened up the Purse Blog for guest bloggers to contribute, for thousands of readers to see! A little nerve-wrecking for a minute or two, thinking that so many people will read what you write, but exciting nonetheless. Vlad and I posted an announcement looking for Guest Bloggers on The Purse Forum and the response has been tremendous. Starting today, you all will have the pleasure to read about bags, designers, trends, and much more from various people through out the world. If you too are interested in becoming a guest blogger on tPB, please register on the forum and send me a PM about it. For starters, every Friday will be Guest Blogger Friday. There will, of course, be some exceptions to the rule (like tonight’s post by the lovely Twiggers) if the material is time sensitive because of a launch or hot news!

Welcome the guest bloggers to the Purse Blog family!!! :-D

Sweet Summertime

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