The Purse Blog team has been hard at work deciding on our next endeavor. Sure we love shoes, clothing, and traveling, but handbags are our first love. While Purse Blog Savvy covers some of the more affordable bags, the Purse Blog readers love their fix of Hermes, Prada, Louis Vuitton, and all the latest and greatest in the premiere designer handbag market. And while we have covered ‘bag deals’, it seemed that most bag deals were covering amazing designers that could make a stand of their own.

Today we are introducing you to Purse Blog Savvy, the sister site of Purse Blog that prides herself in being “Responsibly Decadent”.

Purse Blog Savvy will feature handbags under the $1,000 mark, focusing on those under $800. The designers featured include some of our favorite; Rebecca Minkoff, CC Skye, Linea Pelle, Treesje, and Marc by Marc Jacobs to name a few.

With the economy making it tough for many to splurge on luxury goods, we realize that a true fashionista’s desire for shoulder candy remains strong. Our love of handbags does not solely go to the premiere designers of the world, but the new designers who have made a splash and continue to ignite a new group of followers. We will be updating Purse Blog Savvy daily, just as we have Purse Blog for three years.

Make sure to go and check Purse Blog Savvy and let us know what you think!

Have a great weekend,
♥ The Purse Blog Team

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  • Ceci

    What a nice addition! It’s lovely to see various brands & styles! THANKS!

  • Anilu Magloire

    Killer idea! I have bookmarked it on my daily reads.
    Thanks, Megs!

  • Beautylicious

    Wonderful idea, I love it! Congratulations on the new blog!

  • wordbox

    Great idea! Thanks so much, I look forward to reading it.

  • Julie

    Love it! Handbags more in my budget!! Thanks and Congrats! =-)

  • me

    This is a really good idea. Drool-worthy bags that are easier to get on our arms!

  • Kaytey

    This is right up my alley! Thanks you guys.

  • It’s my obsession!

    that is soo awesome!

    now I can browse through chanel, and when I’m on a ban I can buy some yummy rebecca minkoff totes. THANKS MEGS! (and vlad. ^^)

  • armbasket

    Savvy is wonderful! When we’re on a needed ‘purse ban’ we can still can have affordable arm candy. Thank you!

  • jon

    There will be No Purse Ban !!! :)

  • Debbie

    This is a terrific idea! Many people have bags over the $1000 mark, but it’s important to include everyone that enjoys designer handbags. That is why we’re all here. I think under the $1000 mark will include a great deal of bag lovers, myself included.

    This is great and I can’t wait for the reviews!

    Thanks Megs!

  • suzana

    I think that is a wonderful idea. Carine Roitfeld is my personal heroness and she abohres handbags as a fashion statement. To have a blog dedicated to an item that does not have to be 4 figures during this economy but also for people who put their money elsewhere towards investments or charities (without bags just being “donated” to them) is a great idea. Cheers to you.

  • The Conscious Snob

    This is really a great idea! More and more shoppers are being conservative about their spending, but hopefully PB savvy can allow them to splurge without feeling too guilty. Thanks!

  • Quinzelle

    Love it! Thanks!

  • Suki

    This is a great idea -this site can continue to be “Unattainable Bag Porn” and the other one can actually point me towards things I can afford! Yay!

  • Otter

    Why can’t you do both on the same web site? Does this mean that I have to go to two sites now? I don’t understand.

  • Anita

    What a great idea! Thanks Purse Blog!

  • mel_mel1004

    Great idea PurseBlog! Love that the focus is on other handbag designers and that they’re accessible to more of us!!

  • titi

    didn’t purseblog also introduce many bags under $1000? does it mean that purseblog now is only going to cover bags over the 1k? i don’t get it…

  • Titi and Otter… Purse Blog will still cover bags under $1k from time to time. But MOST bags Purse Blog covers are over $1k. We wanted a site that stood on its own, giving introductions to many new categories and designers, covering those designers and categories much more often.. putting them in the spotlight :)

  • San

    Megs could you add a link to Purseblog savvy on the main Purseblog page? it will be easier to pop over! Thanks! :)

  • San, we will do so tomorrow!!!

  • Saamr

    I love your blog.
    I have several authentic purse for sale I don’t knows if I am allowed to put them on your blog.

  • cierra

    I thought tPB was all about the premium designers.
    Thanks for separating the two websites so I don’t have to check out “savvy” bags on the main site.

  • kar126

    it’s a great idea… as a student I cannot afford some of the highly priced handbags featured on purseblog, purseblog savvy introduces handbags that are still stunningly beautiful and within a budget, having them all in one different site feels a lot more attainable.

  • Janne

    I do applaud that you present bags that are actually obtainable/affordable to normal people, but I don’t see why you need two separate sites to do that? Why not just have both on the same site? (as I think you used to before). Would make it a lot more interesting!

  • Janne – The idea is not to completely separate the two, but we wanted a much larger focus on the savvy brands. We sometimes cover them, but are not able to cover them as much as we would like to.

  • Orchid

    Love the idea too!