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As far as high heels go, I love them but being 5’10 I do not wear them all the time. Vlad is about 6’2 and I attempt to be just a tad shorter than him at all times. But for most women, high heels are a wardrobe staple and are causing a bit more foot trouble than we all may think. There is a new procedure that is all the rage which involves a foot-lift of sorts. A Dr can inject collagen to the ball of the foot to help ease pain in the future. What are your thoughts? And thanks Dad for the article! (who would have thought this article came from my dad ;-))

From the comfort of your living room, it’s hard to tell how painful a stroll down the red carpet at the Academy Awards can be. Those 4-inch heels are no walk in the park.

“I just switch feet. If I can stand on one foot for a little while, then [I can] stand on the other foot,” explains shoe model Nikki Tomlinson. “It still looks really good, though. I’m not complaining.”

Thanks to modern podiatry, the newest must-have item for the red carpet might just be a foot-lift.

The short procedure involves injecting a collagen enhancer into the ball of the foot to cushion a night of revelry in your Jimmy Choos.

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‘Looking Fabulous Is About Wearing Fabulous Shoes’

Dr. Suzanne Levine is a self-described pioneer in cosmetic foot surgery. She can actually shorten a woman’s toes to better fit her favorite stilettos, but the foot-lift procedure is simpler.

“I see patients prior to the Golden Globes, the Academy Awards,” says Levine. “Because they have to look fabulous, and looking fabulous is about wearing fabulous shoes, and I give them that ability without having as much pain.”

A patient undergoing the minutes-long procedure only feels the pinch for about two seconds, similar to what one might feel during a bee sting.

“It’s not painful,” says Levine. “We mix this polylactic acid, referred to as sculptra, which is almost a filler “” it’s the same filler that one would use on the face “” and I inject it on the ball of the foot.”

A Practical Procedure

While Levine has serviced starlets before all the biggest nights in Hollywood, she also tackles more practical missions, like working on the feet of a hard-working flight attendant.

“I’m constantly on my feet running up and down the aisles,” says flight attendant Gloria Diaz. “It felt as though I was walking on concrete. The balls of my feet were beginning to suffer.”

After the treatment, Diaz says she felt like she was walking on the clouds through which she so often flies. “It feels fantastic, like I’m walking on little cushions right now.”

Via ABC News

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    I don’t believe in wearing heels even though I’m short for your average American. (ipad)