This week on The Purse Blog, we will be playing “Name That Bag!” Each day pictures of lovely people carrying lovely bags will be posted and you, the readers, need to name that bag as quick as you can! The reader with the most bags named by the end of the week will be featured on our blog and be offered a guest writer position next week.

Note: Some bags will be easy to tell what they are, and others may be quite hard (so hard that I may not even be sure and I will need you to prove to me why you are right!) Make sure to be as specific as possible when naming the bag – I need the designer and style of each bag for your answer to count.

* Because I know many of you have different schedules, different time zones, etc- I will keep tabs at the beginning of the morning my time (which is in Germany right now) the day after the post is made. So answers for today’s pictures will be accumulated tomorrow.

** We are working on making sweepstake rewards and prizes- but are not quite there yet. Give us some time and sometime soon a sweepstake will be for some sort of handbag prize!

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    It looked like a fun game. (ipad)

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    This was a fun game! (ipad)